Joshua 6:18,19,24; 7:1,20,21

 “But as for you, only keep yourselves from the devoted thing, lest when ye have devoted it, ye take of the devoted thing; so would ye make the camp of Israel accursed, and trouble it. But all the silver, and gold, and vessels of brass and iron, are holy unto Jehovah: they shall come into the treasury of Jehovah”

 With success comes a price. Do you agree?

After God helped the children of Israel conquer Jericho, after the wall fell down flat and they had burned down the city and everything in it; when victory had been achieved, they took the silver, gold and vessels of brass and iron, like God had commanded them to do, and put them in the treasury of the house of God. These silver, gold and vessels of brass and iron were the devoted thing referred to in our texts.

This devoted thing was God’s portion, and Israel’s price for victory achieved – which would be a curse to them if they’d taken from it. You never take what belongs to God, if you do it becomes a curse to you!

Our texts establish three different laws:


This law involves the first thing that comes out of your career or job. It could mean sowing your entire first salary (after paying tithe) into the lives of your biological and/or spiritual parents.

Gen. 4:2-4 shows us examples of Cain and Abel offering to God their first-fruits. Cain offered to God some of his proceeds, however it was not acceptable in God’s sight; according to Gen. 4:7, he did not do well with his offering – he must have given grudgingly. Abel, on the other hand, offered the first-borns of his flock. He honoured God and gave him firstlings of his flock, he gave respectfully and honourably.

Even the first male child of a woman belongs to God (Exo. 22:29,30).

Don’t give to God from the bottom. Give respectfully and from the top. Give him your first things.


 This law demands that we give God 10% of whatever we earn or receive. Tithing cancels and/or puts a stop to financial struggle. Eating your tithe is bringing a curse upon your head (Mal.3:9). Be faithful in your tithing and God will be faithful with you.


 We must not fiddle with sin. II Cor. 6:14-18 sets the following rules:

  1. Do not be yoked with the unbeliever – Do not enter into any form of relationship or marriage with an unbeliever
  2. Do not commune with darkness – Do not join any form of cult or enter into any evil covenant
  3. Do not worship Belial – Do not bow to any god or go to shrines where they’ll make incisions on parts of your body
  4. Do not partake with an infidel – Do not gather with pagans to argue about their doctrines, and the What-nots of the existence of a God or Supreme being
  5. Do not agree with the temple of idols – We are temples of God, we should not have any business joining ourselves with anything that has to do with idolatry
  6. Be separate, come out from among them – Sometimes, as a Christian, you need to walk alone. If you can’t beat them, don’t join them!
  7. Touch not the unclean thing – Consecrate yourself unto God, do not defile yourself with any sort of impurity.

These are the laws we have to abide by to ensure continuity of victories, successes and fulfillments. Keep your end of the bargain as God keeps His.

The grace to keep and abide by the rules of first-fruits, tithing and righteousness, I pray that God grants us in Jesus’ name! Stay victorious.

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