Following the revelation that FAITH IS THE KEY this year to our unprecedented blessings, we shall now learn HOW FAITH IS MEASURED!


The master spoke about different levels of faith; but he had two predominant spiritual devices to measure it:

WORDS OF YOUR MOUTH: God Himself will know that you have faith by what you are speaking; and it is not just what you say when you are in church! It is what you are sowing with your mouth that you will get. God cannot be mocked or deceived; what you say in secret must be what you say in the open. You do not change the words you believe until you see what you want to see.

Speaking what you see is being in agreement with what you see. God looked at the earth he created in darkness, formless and void; and He said “let there be light”. The woman with the issue of blood was speaking in the closet of her room until she got what she wanted in the open. The speaking must be intentional; every day is an examination of life – success depends on what you speak… justification or condemnation is based on the words of your mouth! You must oppose the circumstances by speaking what you want to see; you have to say it long enough!

BY YOUR ACTIONS: Your physical action – shown in your eyes, written all over you and in your body language is another measuring line for faith. Another word to describe faith is CONFIDENCE. If you have faith, you will be bold; if you are prepared for something, you will look and act different. Every circumstance of life will test you; but if you look terrified, the enemy already has an advantage (Phil. 1: 28). David fought Goliath for a good reason; he knew that there was something to gain. David’s body language and words tallied – he won the battle before he came before Goliath. It was a battle of words and action between them!

FAITH SPEAKS. FAITH ACTS. These are the two measuring lines that God uses to gauge our faith!



THE POINT OF NO FAITH (Mark 4: 34 – 40)

The actions and words of the disciples showed they had no faith; and things kept going wrong until Jesus intervened. At the point of no faith, you cannot get help unless God Himself intervenes for you! No faith, no manifestation (Luke 18: 1-8). If you do not have faith, God cannot help you.

THE POINT OF LITTLE FAITH (Matt. 14: 22 – 29)

The moment Jesus spoke that “It is I”, faith came and fear disappeared. The response of Peter proved that he had faith and requested to go to Jesus. Jesus said “come”, and it created an image in the mind of Peter that he could actually walk on that water. At that point, he had great faith, he moved form little to great faith; but when he saw the boisterous wind, he took his eyes off the Master, he picked up the image of fear again! It is what you want to see that you must intentionally place before your eyes! This was the principle that Jacob used to collect wealth from Laban! You can move from no faith to little faith to great faith and back to a sinking faith within seconds if you don’t have your eyes on the prize! Every time you take your eyes off the word – the image God showed you – doubt will come in to reduce the level of your faith!

Even though little faith is better than no faith, you can still regress to sinking faith like Peter, if you’re not careful!


God needs to be marveled by our faith. The centurion’s word and action believed God beyond the ordinary. The noble man in John 4: 46-54 also walked in great faith. He believed the word only; stay with the word only. True faith comes from the word not from symbols.


Their faith had gotten o the point of exceedingly growing faith. I Thess. 1: 8 speaks of a faith that had gone forth and gone everywhere. Every Christian should be a sounding board of faith for God. Apply the law of faith if your faith is to grow. Rom. 10: 17 tells us of the law of faith – by hearing, hearing the word of God – the word of God renews the spirit!

The Bible is the way to true prosperity and success!

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