We are laying hold of the key of faith to unlock the prophetic word of UNPRECEDENTED BLESSINGS in our lives in 2017. This year will be an outlandish year for us!

Even though this is a new year, your unprecedented blessings are already done and prepared, waiting to be delivered into your hands; God is not just newly preparing them. But that one requirement to access to receive and enjoy all that has been provided for is by FAITH!

Faith is believing that God is real and that He is able to do!

Faith is the key to all things. When you come to God with your faith, your desires will be birthed. Examples can be seen in the lives of Hannah, the noble man (John 4: 46-54), the two blind men (John 9: 1-12), the paralyzed man and his four friends (Mark 2: 1-12). These examples show us that in this New Year, we need to enrich our faith in order to achieve what seems impossible to others! The place where you find the manifestation is THE PLACE OF FAITH! Luke 8: 22-25

Faith is your principal instrument for you to win life – to arrive at your destination in life. The journey of unprecedented blessing is going to require all the faith you can muster!

Faith only needs the word; once you believe it and act on it, in spite of what is naturally missing, that word will create the natural requirements to bring what God said to pass!

The fight you must fight this year is the fight of faith (I John 5: 4). You are not fighting from the point of a challenger; you go into the ring as a champion. You use the key of faith. You go with the mindset that it is already well/done/successful/victorious! You must know that you are already an overcomer – your faith will now establish that overcomer status! Your faith moves your overcomer status from potential to kinetic!

God does anything for a person of faith! All He is looking for is your faith!


Heb. 11: 1, 6 – “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen… And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him ; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him.”

Faith is always NOW!

Faith is substance; it is real, it is evidence, it is proof! When you come to God, do not wonder if He will do it, be 100% sure that He will!

Faith is not passive.

In exercising faith, we may need to persevere (Heb. 6: 12).

Winning faith is fervent and violent!

Faith is believing God’s word, in order to lay hold of things that are promised and make them real in our lives!

Faith is not the creator, it is the receiver!

Faith is the response to a real God. It is trust and belief that God exists and is real. Response to heaven determines the response of heaven to you!

Your faith is all that you need to establish God’s desire and purpose for your life. If Peter’s faith had failed, his destiny would have failed. If there is faith, there will not be failure. Jesus could not do miracles in Nazareth because of their lack of faith and their unbelief. The principal ingredient in life for victory and prosperity in life is your faith. The day your faith touches heaven, that is the day your answers will come. God cannot deny you if you have faith – even Satan cannot block you! All that God is looking for is your faith!

The word of God produces the faith of God. The source of the word you hear is what determines the kind of faith you have. Faith cometh by hearing! The God-kind of faith is the overcoming faith, which cannot be defeated!


  • Without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). There is nothing you can do without faith. If your faith is in place, your life will be in shape. When God finds faith in you, manifestations begin to take place.
  • We walk by faith, not by sight (II Cor. 5: 7). The money in your pocket is not equal to your value; but if you can see the wealth of God inside of you, you begin to manifest your true worth! Rom. 4: 19-21. Faith is not just by speaking, but by acting; you have to be fully persuaded!
  • We need faith for answered prayers (Mark 11: 24). Whatever we ask, must be asked in faith – that is the only way to receive! Believe to receive!
  • We need faith to resist the attack of the enemy (Eph. 6: 16).


  • FAITH SPEAKS (II Cor. 4: 13). What you are saying – whether jokingly or seriously exposes your level of faith.
  • FAITH BELIEVES. It believes in God’s ability and capability.
  • FAITH SEES. It sees the invisible and the spiritual. It does not work with physical eyes only.
  • FAITH HEARS. It hears the inaudible; it hears the still, small voice.
  • FAITH HANDLES AND CALLS. It calls those things that are not as though they were! (Rom. 4: 17)
  • FAITH ACTS. It is full of action. Obeying God is an act of faith; giving is an act of faith!


God cannot ask you to give Him what He has not given you; He has provided the way whereby everyone will get and have faith. Heb. 11: 6. We have the right to challenge His justice if He demands faith of us and not given us the means to get faith! If we do not have faith, it is not God’s fault; to blame God for our lack of faith is ignorance. The following are ways to get faith:

FAITH FOR SALVATION: Eph. 2: 8; Rom. 10: 8-17. If you do not believe what you have heard, you cannot become what you have heard! Faith is a product of hearing, and hearing the word of God! It matters what you give your ears to! WHAT ARE YOU HEARING? Is it the word of God or the word of men? There is inherent power in the word to generate faith. The process is ‘hear-believe-confess’ to be saved! There must be a proclamation of the word of faith. In the story of Cornelius in Acts 10, he saw an angel who said to him to send somebody to Joppa to fetch Peter; angels do not preach the gospel – they are messengers that bring us good news. Cornelius at this time was not saved; for him to be saved he needed to hear the word of faith preached to him. And as Peter came to preach, so are we held with the responsibility to spread the gospel to the unsaved; angels cannot do it for us – if we fail to preach we are disobeying the Great Commission (Mark 16: 15); and our failure denies the unsaved the opportunity to hear and be saved. You cannot afford to keep your mouth shut! Salvation comes when we speak and they hear the words of faith!

FAITH FOR HEALING: Acts 14: 7-10. There is no shortcut to growing your faith. It comes by hearing. Faith can be seen from your response; what you are looking for is right where you are! The problem is how you use your faith to get it. To activate God’s power, you need your faith to respond to it. The crippled man in Acts 14 was healed because of his faith; Paul only preached the gospel – the man heard, believed and obeyed instruction to stand up!

In Acts 8: 5-8, Philip preached Christ to them in the city of Samaria – where there is no preaching of the gospel, there can be no faith! Philip was a deacon; God never said only when the pastors preach will there be miracles. God only confirms the word that is put forth. Great miracles came out of the preaching of Philip.

In Mark 5: 25-29, the woman with the issue of blood heard about Jesus; somebody must have told her. She believed it and was confessing it until she got what she wanted. If you want to have faith, choose what you hear; her confession pulled Jesus to where she was enough for her to touch the hem of his garment and be saved. Jesus didn’t pray for her (vs. 34).

Do not listen to trash. Make your mind that the only thing you want to hear is the gospel – this will grow your faith!

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