As this month comes to an end, let us study one more time how to tap into God’s supernatural blessings for us. Our text – I Kings 17:9-16 – shows us that at the end of the story of the widow of Zarephath, her son and her self witnessed/experienced the supernatural supply of God. Since September started (our month of SUPERNATURAL SUPPLIES), I’ve shared with us that two of the ways to tap into this supernatural supply is by obeying God’s word and voice & by giving. Today, however, we are going to learn that being on the same frequency band with God will help us know what He wants for us, how He wants it and how to get that supernatural supply. The question is though, HOW DO WE BRING OURSELVES ON TO GOD’S WAVELENGTH? Here are a couple of ways to do that:

1. OPEN YOUR EARS: There will be no supernatural supply until you hear what God is saying; your spiritual ears must be open. In our text, the Prophet Elijah had his ears open to hear that God will provide for him using a widow in Zarephath; he heard God’s instructions. Tune your ears to God’s transmission, bring your ears closer to His mouth. To be continually blessed, your spiritual ears must be CONTINUALLY open to hear God’s fresh instructions. Notice the word continually is in capital letters! When God first spoke with Abraham, He instructed Abraham to offer Isaac as sacrifice; BUT when God say that Abraham’s faith did not shake, instead he was loyal – God changed His mind, and spoke AGAIN to Abraham that a ram had been provided in stead of his son. IF Abraham hadn’t kept his ears open, he would have slain his son! But because he left his ears spiritually open, supernatural supply came his way in the form of a ram that would replace his son as sacrifice!

***One way to keep your spiritual ears open is by maintaining a level of quietness inside of you so that God can communicate with you.

2. OPEN YOUR EYES: Many today have shut their eyes while opportunities pass them by; plenty believe that when God is going to send help their way, it is going to be like a knight in a shining armour coming to save you; like in the form of a very beautiful woman/handsome man OR a very mouth-watering job with company car/apartment. Imagine if Elijah had been expecting to see a woman in a gorgeous apparel instead of a woman just gathering sticks, he would have ignored her and his help would have passed him by (or in this case, he would have passed his help by!). See Joseph’s brothers, for instance, their eyes were not open to see that Joseph would be their messiah eventually, so they plotted to kill him! How many opportunities and help have you killed because your eyes are blindly shut to what God is showing you; your saving grace might not come in the form of a glittery, shiny opportunity/person, God might have decided to use a lowly position/person to uplift you. Ask God today to touch and open your eyes so you can see!

3. BE CURIOUS: You must recognise that the Person with the highest level of wisdom and knowledge and understanding is GOD! And one way of getting on His wavelength is asking Him. Don’t just assume you know, ask Him the plans and purposes He has for you. ASK to KNOW.

4. PRAY & FAST: Subject your physical body. When your flesh is controlling you, you cannot hear God. One way to put the flesh under is by fasting. Deny yourself food and drink; even Jesus fasted to be one with His Father. You must also be a praying Christian. Communicate with God; don’t make noise. Reason intelligently with your God. In Isaiah 1:18, God Himself says come now, and let us reason together… He didn’t say let us babble/make noise together. Fast and pray, and you’ll find yourself getting on the same page with God.

5. BE IN THE SPIRIT: God is a Spirit, and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Rev 1:10, John said ” I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard…” You can not be ruled by your flesh and expect to hear God, you must be in the spirit; and one way to get in the spirit is by SPEAKING IN TONGUES, it builds your spiritual man and helps you to be sensitive. In the midst of your challenge, are you calm/sensitive enough to hear what God is telling you? Do not just let your spirit be willing, let it also be winning!

6. STUDY THE SCRIPTURES: The Bible is like God’s love letter to us, we should read it daily (not like we are reading a novel). We must study it and meditate and position ourselves to hear what God is trying to tell us through His word. You want to hear God, you want to see Him, you want to be like Him? Read His Word – that right there, is your instruction manual!

7. SPEAK WELL: Many do not know, but YOU are the first prophet of your life! The power of life lies in YOUR tongue. What you say is what you get! Words turn into images and come to pass. The woman with the issue of blood said “… if I do but touch his garment, I shall be made whole” and we all know what happened, she DID touch the hem of Jesus’ garment! Do not just say things to and for yourself, say good/positive things… and keep saying till you start seeing it!

And so we end this lesson. You already know that the thoughts God has towards you are those of peace and not of evil, so to tap into His supernatural supply for you open your eyes, open your ears, speak positively about/for yourself, study His word, be in the spirit with Him, be spiritually inquisitive, pray and fast. Success will be yours in Jesus’ name. Remain blessed!

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