Everyone wants to be blessed, everybody wants to live a blessed life; nobody wants to live a life of unending wants and lack. How then do we achieve that blessedness that we seek for ourselves?

Several things qualify one for a blessed life – let’s take a look at some of them as we go back in time to examine Abraham’s life (who better to study his life than the father of blessings himself!)


Isa. 51:1,2; 54:10. God’s mercy, kindness and unfailing love gives us a blessed life. If His kindness is removed, we’re finished. Lam. 3:22,23 – God’s mercy and love are renewed upon us each morning. Even when we make blunders, His mercy remains. Abraham made errors, he lied more than once that Sarah was his sister to protect himself; he listened to his wife and slept with Hagar (Gen. 16:4) – BUT God’s mercy that remained with him made him so blessed that he became the father of all nations. God does not withdraw His mercy, because great is His faithfulness! However, we must not take this for granted. Do not continue to wallow in sin and expect His mercy to remain or even increase. Only God’s mercy can make your sins not be counted against you, and blessed is such man whose sin the Lord will never count against him (Rom. 4:8). Only a merciful God forgives and cleanses from ALL unrighteousness. The price for sin has been fully paid for on the cross. Always run to God and not from Him – He’s the only Place you can obtain mercy. He forgives, cleanses and blesses.


I keep talking about this, your ears must be continually open to hear from God. Gen. 12: 1a – God talked to Abraham and he heard. Abraham had an ear that heard God. We must always pray for our ears to be awakened daily so we can hear what God wants us to do. Our ears must no be shut/deaf. God spoke to Abraham continuously but the important part was that he HEARD God. Are you willing to hear God? God is concerned about every tiny little thing in your life and He wants to continually speak with you, question is are your ears open! God mostly speaks in a still small voice, can you hear it? Or have u silenced that still small voice? To have an ear like Abraham’s or Samuel’s would connect you quickly to your blessings. Even at Samuel’s young age, he heard God sharp and clear and he fulfilled his destiny. Get direct information concerning your life from God, not humans. When Abraham listened to Sarah about sleeping with Hagar, things turned bad. Be a fan of “The Lord saith…”, not “my friends/parents/spouse said…” Inquire of the Lord! To pursue, overtake and recover all, make inquiries from God (I Sam. 30:8); call His customer care line not your friends’. Inquire from Him always, He might have different strategies for your different situations.


Gen. 12:4; I Sam. 15:22. We are all familiar with the old saying “Obedience is better than sacrifice”. Throughout his lifetime, Abraham had no struggle obeying God’s word; even when he was instructed to sacrifice his son, he obeyed and eventually he did not have to sacrifice Isaac any longer. Great and better things will emerge out of your life when you’re obedient to God. When Peter obeyed Jesus, he caught so much fish like he had not caught in his life. He even called his friends to come over and help. Moral of the story – Obedience triggers your being blessed so much that you are enabled to bless others.
Always remember this, understanding can wait, obedience cannot. Abraham did not understand when God said he should sacrifice Isaac but he knew he had to obey. Even when you do not understand what God is saying or asking you to do, obey!


Another quality that enables your blessing is the ability to see what God is doing in your life. When you see and recognise that you are indeed blessed, you will start to behave blessed. What you see is what you do. Always have the prayer on your lips… “open my eyes that I may see…”


Giving comes in three forms:
a. Tithing – This is compulsory. A tenth of your total income must be paid to God. It is not yours to keep or spend or use. Even Abraham paid tithe – Gen. 14;18-20. Any individual that refuses to pay tithes is automatically blessed – Mal. 3:9. Give back unto God for blessing you, that way the flow of blessing into your life does not cease. When you pay tithes, blessings are poured in so much that there will be no room enough to receive it – Mal. 3:10.
b. Offering – This is done of your own free will. Offering unto God to thank Him for things He has done and things to come; or it could be giving in faith – offering something trusting that God will bless you. When you give either in appreciation or in faith, it invokes God to bless you. Deut. 15:10. Offering to the Lord willingly not only gladdens your heart, it also gladdens God and makes Him bless you (I Chron. 29:9). Giving to the poor also makes you blessed – Prov. 22:9.
c. Sacrifice – Gen. 22:1-3,11-12,15-18. Sacrificing something that matters to you for God’s use calls forth blessing into your life. When you sacrifice, God blesses you! When God tested Abraham and told him to “…take now thy son, thine only son, whom thou lovest…” God added that phrase “whom thou lovest” to tell Him I want that precious thing, the most precious thing in your life; He wanted to see if Abraham would not have a problem sacrificing the most valuable thing in his life! Abraham passed that test, and God was so pleased with him that He swore by Himself to bless and multiply him. Do not be reluctant to give that thing you consider very valuable, because you don’t know God’s plan for you after you give it.


Gen. 18:1-8. Be hospitable. Show love to strangers and friends alike. This rule is simple, really. Hebrews 13:2 says it all… “Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Who entertains angels and doesn’t get blessed? No one!


Those that worship things other than God have their various altars, and they go back to those altars regularly to offer different things to their source of blessings. How much more children of God? Where is your altar? Do you go back to that altar to show you have not forgotten the Source of your blessings? What ministry/church/Pastor did God use for you to get to your breakthrough? Do you keep such ministry/church/Pastor in mind? Do you go back there to continually show appreciation? Gen. 12:7,8; 13:3,4 – Abraham built an altar unto God in Gen. 12:7, in chapter 13 verses 3 and 4 he went back to that same altar to call on God. Are you mindful of that altar from where you were raised up? Do not forget your source, and do not forget to go back to it. Do not forget that proverb that says ‘The river that forgets it source will eventually run dry’! AND let nothing be difficult for you to lay on your altar; after all unbelievers lay the strangest things on their altars!


When you make room for anger, strife and unforgiveness, the flow of blessing stops. Abraham allowed for no strife. Even when he had some trouble with his nephew Lot, he sought for the misunderstanding to be settled amicably. Gen. 13:7,8. Be at peace with all men, the Bible commands it – Rom. 12:18. Strife and unforgiveness puts so much darkness around you, so much that your blessing is afraid to come through. Get rid of that malice today!


No matter how hurt we are by people, no matter what they do to us, we must never laugh at their situation if one day their luck changes and things start to go wrong for them. Laughing at their ill luck only stops your own blessing from reaching you. Never invite the spirit of mockery into your life, like “yeah, serves him right!” When Lot got in trouble in Gen. 14: 11-16 and got captured, Abraham did NOT think that they departed because of a fight, he went with his men to rescue him. If you are in a position to help those that have hurt you before, you MUST help – not for their sake, but for YOUR sake!


It is better not to make promises or vows, than to make them and not keep them. When you make a vow/promise/covenant to and with God, you must not falter on that promise. For God to bless you, you must not forget your end of the bargain. If you make a vow to God, and He blesses you, do not become reluctant to pay that vow – God has done His part, do yours; do not breach that contract, or privileges given to you can be withdrawn!


Praying for others bring blessings to your doorstep. Take your time to intercede for your friends, family, church and folks around you. As a result of your prayers they can get blessed, and you in turn also become blessed through them. When God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah in Gen. 18:20-33, Abraham interceded and pleaded with God. He kept bargaining with God until he was sure Lot and his family were not going to be destroyed with the city. He interceded for Lot and his family. When you care about others enough for you to pray for them, blessings just roll your way – like it did for Abraham!

If the blessing must come, the blessing must continue; these things mentioned above, if put into act in one’s life, qualifies a Christian for continuous blessings – blessings that keep coming and coming till other people wanna serve the God you serve!

Remain blessed!

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