October being our month of freedom, a lot of us have been praying to be freed from issues such as financial, marital, career failure and so on; however we often refuse to deal with and pray to be freed from sins and obsessions that are making other things in our lives go wrong… one of such things is what we are about to discuss on another of my Couples Seminar; and that sin, ladies and gentlemen, is ADULTERY.

If fornication is sexual relations between two unmarried people, what then is adultery?

Adultery is a voluntary sexual intercourse/relationship between a married individual and someone other than their spouse.

Fornication is pre-marital sex, adultery is extra-marital sex. Adultery does not only involve the physical act of sexual intercourse, it happens also when a married person looks and lusts after another person whom he/she is not married to (see Matt.5:28).

Matt.5:27 and Exodus 20:14 simply puts it: “… Thou shalt not commit adultery”. Why? The reward of adultery is death — Lev. 20:10


1. An adulterer/adulteress is a fool. He/She lacks understanding. Most people refuse to look at the bigger picture, and that simply is an act of foolery! When you commit adultery, do you not think that it will affect not just your relationship with your family, but also your own life?!

2. It destroys the souls of those involved. Adultery adulterates the soul. When you have sexual relations with someone other than your partner, you are adding a foreign and inferior substance (yes! pre-marital sex is indeed stooping low) – hence, corrupting, debasing, replacing the valuable things of your life with impurities.

3. It leaves wounds that lasts for a long time. When you cheat on your spouse, it not only corrupts your soul, it corrupts your relationship with your wife/husband. It causes hurt, pain and wounds that might last a lifetime! Your marriage might never remain the same.

4. It brings dishonour to you and your family. When people start to say “there goes the wife of that man that sleeps around”, the dishonour is not just to you, but also to your entire family. You have cost yourself and your family the integrity you got.

5. It brings shame and reproach to your doorstep. ESPECIALLY when a child comes out of such adulterous relationship

6. It triggers deathly and evil jealousy. You present a rival to your spouse, what do you expect? That they’ll gladly welcome the home-breaker with open arms?! No way! The only thing that will be welcomed will be evil, harmful jealousy; jealousy that can kill and destroy!

7. It triggers the spirit of vengeance. Aside from karma that would catch up on an adulterer, the spouse may possibly develop the spirit and desire to want to retaliate. You cheat, I cheat. You hurt me, I hurt you back! Your home becomes a house and then becomes a mess. Your children follow your lead in the future, they cheat on their spouses too… and the trend goes on and on!

Knowing the consequences of this terrible and horrible sin, do you not want to be freed from it before you personally, by your own hand, destroy the plans God has for you all because of some minutes of sinful pleasure?!

What You Should Know!

Adultery starts with the eyes; and an idle hand and mind helps adultery. Remember David’s story? His men were at war, but he stayed behind and was idle… then he SAW Bathsheba… and laid with her! II Sam. 12:4-14 shows us how God dealt with David because of this unrighteousness… “Thus saith Jehovah, the God of Israel… Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thy house, because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife.” God has not changed His mind concerning iniquities and all forms of unrighteousness… for as long as you commit adultery, the sword will continue to cut into your happiness, your peace of mind, your career, your achievements, your finances and everything else that is good in your life! No sinner goes unpunished except he repents! Adultery brings God’s judgment on all those involved. Rev. 2:22.

Repent today, and ask God to free you from the shackles of adultery (or fornication, if you’re single). Remember adultery adulterates your soul and gradually eats into and destroys everything that represents goodness and positivity in your life, including your family and your spiritual well-being. Tame your eyes, bring your flesh under, allow the Holy Spirit to take control of you. And DO something, do not be idle. Do not tempt yourself. God bless you as you turn a new leaf today in Jesus’ name.

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