It is in God’s nature to bless and favour His children. Enough of giving credit to the devil; when we know Whose and who we are, we will understand that all things good are ours – and the devil can do nothing about it!

Knowing now, that all God wants to do is to bless you according to your faith; let us now look at the 4-dimensional blessing:


Isa. 55: 8-9 – God is bringing you something higher. Don’t expect a normal blessing, expect a higher blessing – higher than the enemy’s reach! God is shooting out your star!

God opened the door for Joseph; gave him a position higher than Potiphar could reach – A HIGHER DIMENSION BLESSING! Pharaoh was the ceremonial figurehead, Joseph was actually the one in charge of the affairs of Egypt – who would have thought! from pit and prison dimension to ruling dimension!

Father, as You did for Joseph, give me a higher dimension blessing; put me where the enemy cannot reach! Do for me so I can do for others!

God can take you from deputy to executive in a blink!

The kind of blessing that is coming will give disability to your enemy! Imagine where Potiphar’s wife’s face will be when Joseph became ruler – permanently looking down, if I may say! The blessing God is bringing you will give your enemy permanent shame! Your horn will be lifted higher!


Luke 6: 38 – God is giving you PRESSED DOWN BLESSINGS! Blessings running over and making room for more!

Father, by faith I receive a running over blessing!


Matt. 17: 27 – The instruction here was to take money from the first fish; meaning many more fish were willing to bring money needed! Just as fishes were willing and gathering to deliver for the Son of God, people will come together to bless you! Everyone who comes across you will bless you! There will be MYSTERIOUSLY COMPETITIVE CHANNELS OF BLESSINGS for your sake!

This year, before you say ‘Father give me’, God will give you; before you ask, answer will come for you!

In every camp you find yourself, God will be using everyone to bless you!

Men will compete amongst themselves to bless you!


Eph. 3: 20. Peter received a blessing even where he had failed before; where he had toiled and gotten zero result! But God had plans for him – net-braking and ship-sinking plans; a plan that needed extra men to steady his ship; an OVER AND ABOVE BLESSING!

I receive in my life over and above blessings!

Upon me, the mark of shame is removed forever!

It is very important to have your faith in place – Jesus could not do any miracles in Nazareth because of their unbelief; so He wrought miracles elsewhere – not because His faith was not strong enough for them; but they needed their own belief and faith to activate the power of God! The importance