Niamey, 2013

Mrs. Alice –

“Thank God for the free Empowerment program.  This was the same teaching that our people pay a lot of money and spend two years to learn but here we learnt it free within three (3) days.  I’m very delighted to be a part of this training. I was really blessed in all the sessions. I learnt so much that the note book I bought was filled up.”

Mr Mamathe – 

“I had a deeper understanding on the teaching of the Holy Spirit. I have never heard this kind of teaching on the Holy Spirit before. I’m impressed.”

Testimonies in Niamey
Testimonies in Niamey

Pastor Peter –

“The teaching on the Power of the Cross yesterday was an eye opener for me. God gave me a better and in-depth understanding on what Christ death on the Cross did for us.”

Mrs. Martini – 

“I have been worried on what to teach my members, thank God for the empowerment program through which I learnt some trades like, Liquid soap, body perfume, disinfectant, Stain Remover, Toilet Wash, Disinfectant, Body Cream, Hair Cream, etc.  I’m happy for the samples of the product that was shared and given to us at the end of every session of the Empowerment program. Now, I have the entire products to use in my home free without spending any money on them.”

Niger Testimonies
Niger Testimonies

Mr. Ajemie –

“The teachings on the problem of man (Sin) really touched my life. I had a clearer understanding on the subject of sin.”

Mrs. Rachael – 

“I give all glory to God concerning the teaching on the reason why the church exist and the purpose of our living. Indeed, my life was transformed.”

Mrs. Quace –

“Now, I have a clear understanding of the importance of evangelism and mission in our church, even in our lives as an individual. This imparted my life.”

Niamey-Niger Testimonies
Niamey-Niger Testimonies

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