Host minister testified that he had new revelation and insight during Rev. Olatona’s ministration; he also stated that he did not believe he could have received these insights and revelations at the institution where he paid $7,500 for his theological studies.

 Rose Arusei, an educated woman 66 years of age, was very delighted for all the skills she learned at the Vocational Empowerment Program.

 Meschach Kirwa testified he was physically and spiritually revived.

 Pastor Simon Andiki testified that his life had been impacted tremendously.

 The Assistant Pastor of JCC testified that he and his family have been tremendously blessed. They will start a company to manufacture the products he learned of at the Vocational Empowerment Program.

 Pastor Eric Mwaka thanked God for the great time of training with Pastor David OLATONA and Sister Ada at Redeemed Gospel Church at Jua Kali, Kenya.

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