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“Prior to the School of Pastoral Nurture, I had the inability to pray. Rev. Olatona in his ministration says that for a minister to be successful in life and ministry, he/she must be a man/woman of prayer. As I woke up in the midnight, I was energized and empowered in my spirit to pray.  I prayed with all my heart in such a way that I had never done before. I had the strength to pray for longer hours alone now with no stress. Standing here this morning, God has answered all the prayers I prayed last night.”

“I had lived a life of imitation, but as Rev. Olatona ministered I had a better understanding on what God really wants me to be. During the prayer sessions in our church the next day, I prayed as the Spirit of God led me, not as others prayed. I ministered in a way that I had never felt I could minister before and God brought restoration to many souls present.”

“Prior to this time, I have been having a dream and I could not get the meaning. After the teaching in the School of Pastoral Nurture on “The Office of a Minister”, God gave me a better and in-depth understanding of God’s calling in my life.  The teaching of God’s word by Rev. Olatona has re-awakened my spiritual life. Glory be to God.”

“I’m very excited to see this kind of mission work in which free skill training were given to us in order to impact our lives. In my excitement, I invited three more people to also acquire the free skills. Prior to the time of this free skill training, I have always seen packaged liquid soap, insecticides, disinfectants, stain-removal products, toilet wash, petroleum jelly, hair cream and body perfume, and the other products and I’ve always wondered how they were produced till this day. After this free skill training, I can do all on my own without any help. I’m very delighted to be a part of this training.”

“This free skill training has empowered me to be self-reliant. I can no longer depend on people for help. With this free skill training, I can start a business of my own through which I can become a millionaire.”

“I’m the happiest person today. I thank God for the love that Rev. David Olatona has shown to us by this free skill training. This free skill training I learnt will help me to provide and care for my family.”

“I’m happy for the samples of the product that was shared and given to us at the end of every session of the free skill training. Now, I have the entire products to use in my home free without spending any money on them.”

“I have been to several hospitals on the treatment for a disease which the doctors do not know the name. Each of these hospitals had prescribed drugs for me but it has not been better. I lived my life feeding on these drugs in plastic bags. When I came for the Destiny Encounter Night yesterday Friday 13th July 2012, I listened with absolute attention as Rev. David Olatona ministered in God’s word on how Jesus shed his blood and was bruised so we can be strong and healthy; by whose strips we were healed from every form of sicknesses and diseases. Rev. David Olatona prayed earnestly for God’s healing upon everyone and immediately I received my healing. I no longer feed myself with these drugs in the plastic.”

“I had always desired for a favour from God concerning an issue in my life. As I attended the Destiny Encounter Night, I felt God’s word real to me concerning this issue. The next day, a man I never felt could help me favoured me financially. Secondly, when some prayer points were raised, I prayed earnestly. That same night, I had an attack in the dream but was divinely rescued.”

“I have never witness a mission work like this. There was so much love, care and attention given to our people in order to impact our lives. We appreciate the time you spent with us. My soul has been richly blessed through this program.”


Testimonies at Burkina Faso, 2012
Testimonies at Burkina Faso, 2012


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