Benue, Nigeria

Makurdi, 2014

Mr. Nathaniel appreciated God for divine health restored to his five year old daughter, the little girl was said to have had rashes all over her body, after trying all other means and it did not work, he decided to take a little of the antiseptic he had learnt during the free skill acquisition, and produced for sale, prayed over it and used it to bathe her, and the rashes began to disappear. He also testified on the blessings that go with giving. After the message on giving preached by Rev. David Olatona, he put it into use by sowing some clothing materials into the life of another brother desperately in need, the next day a pastor at the meeting blessed him with more clothes  for his kind act of giving.



Mr. Oliver blessed the name of the Lord for stilling the storms in his family. He had been going through some difficult times and he could not come for the summit, but he connected by faith and today he is a living testimony of the wonders of God, his son had an accident that should have claimed his life but God showed him mercy and gave him back his life.



Sister Bridget Suswan, (the leader of the women’s fellowship), gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, after attending the summit for three days. She was in church for the thanksgiving service, as soon as the service was over, she was taken to the hospital. Fifteen minutes into labour, she was delivered of her baby girl. The child’s birth was such a great blessing to the family because they had lost their first child to a hit and run driver last year. They gave all glory to God the Almighty Father. 

Makurdi, 2013


“Thank God for the Vocational Empowerment program. I’m no longer a jobless person. After the training, I made up my mind that I will start the production of insecticides. Praise God!”

Stephen testifying
Stephen testifying


“I had problems at my workplace. During the School of Leadership, my life was greatly impacted. The next day, I went to work and became a solution provider to the extent that nothing can be done without my presence. No more fighting. I am even now addressed as a peace-maker

Jacob testifying
Jacob testifying

“I was accused of stealing in my place of work. During the Encounter Night, I prayed that God should vindicate me. The next day, God vindicated me and the thief was discovered. Glory be to God.

“I have been sick all the days of my life. I was asked to take all my problems to God which I did. The next day, the sickness was gone. I lived all my life without doing anything. Thank God for the training I received. I can start a business of my own now that I have learnt a skill and gotten healed.”

Giving praise for good health and direction in business
Giving praise for good health and direction in business


“Since I was born, I have never been to school. I give all the glory to God for the wonderful opportunity I had to participate in the School of Leadership and I obtained a certificate. I also learnt some skills during the Vocational Empowerment program and was also awarded a certificate which will enable me start my own business.

Janet testifying
Janet testifying

“I did not want to come for this program but God asked me to come. During the teaching in the School of Leadership, I got a great insight. As a good leader, I must humble myself and accept responsibility. My mindset about leadership was completely transformed!”


Mr. Nathaniel

“I had a problem with one side of my hip after an operation for several years. During the teaching on the power of the Cross, I was used as an illustration of Jesus on the Cross. As soon I went back to my seat, the pain was gone. I give all glory to God.

Mr. Nathaniel testifying
Mr. Nathaniel testifying

“I bless the name of the Lord for restoring peace to my family. I’ve had problems with my wife and that has affected me badly but after the teaching on leadership I went back home, at night in a dream God spoke to me and said what I heard today was the solution to his family problems. I woke up, applied what I had heard and that brought peace to my home.”

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