Receive these prophetic prayers for your life today:

The lines will fall for you in pleasant places!

Psalms 16:6. It is as if portions are being shared out now and you have a good part of it coming to you. They will send for you. They will call you. They will give you your own portion!

Jehovah Jireh will manifest for you!

Gen. 22:6. Just as He provided the ram for Abraham, God Himself will provide for you. You don’t know what to do; but just believe and keep walking in obedience.

The commanded blessing is coming to you!

1 King 17:4. It will never fail. As even the ravens couldn’t resist God’s command to provide food for Elijah twice a day; everyone that God has commanded to bless you will begin to do so. Even those who don’t like you will speak for you. They will help you. They will bring your provision without delay in the name of Jesus [1 Kings 17:2-6].

God is turning your shame to honour just as He turned water to wine!

John 2:1-11. The reason He turned water to wine was to avert shame. It’s your turn. That shame is enough!

God is turning your weeping to joy!

God is turning your mourning to dancing!

God is turning your night to morning!

God is turning your pain to health!

God is going to manifest His glory in your life!

John 2:11. The new day has begun! Congratulations on your breakthrough!

Believe it! Receive it! Proclaim it! You will testify!

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