Vs. 1, 2

After the demise of Moses, Joshua took over. Moses died because his time was up, BUT nobody has to die before you take your rightful position. I declare today that,

  1. Every position that is yours to fill, you will fill it this year in Jesus’ name
  2. You will overtake and take over in Jesus’ name
  3. Grace and favour will speak on your behalf this year in Jesus’ name!

Vs. 3

God will qualify you to inherit your inheritance in Jesus’ name

  1. Wherever your feet step upon, it shall be given to you in Jesus’ name
  2. Positive responses will be your portion everywhere you go this year in Jesus’ name!

Vs. 5

Anyone that wants to stand against what God wants to do in your life will be crushed in Jesus’ name

  1. You will become a chief cornerstone in your family, workplace, church in Jesus’ name
  2. Every battle you face, you will win. Success and victory is your portion in Jesus’ name
  3. God’s presence will be with you in Jesus’ name. He will not leave nor forsake you. He will carry you on His shoulders in times of trouble in Jesus’ name!

Vs. 6, 7, 9

Strength from above, the strength to perform great exploits, break new grounds, make a difference and to do things you’ve never done before, receive it in Jesus’ name

  1. The spirit of fear, God will remove from your heart in Jesus’ name

As we enter the month of February, circumcise your hearts, rid yourself of all iniquity and God will roll away all reproach from you in the mighty name of Jesus. Be blessed!

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