This is the concluding post on our sermon series – POWER OF YOUR WORDS; we say a big thank you to our consistent readers!

Let us do a little summary on the key things we have learnt so far on this topic – let me remind you that there is the power of both life and death in the tongue – the words of your mouth can help build or destroy your destiny and the destiny of your children. Do not keep empowering what you are going through by saying what you are seeing; empower the future you want by speaking what you expect, not what you(‘re) experience(ing). Don’t sit on or nurse the issue you are currently going through; just like God did not sit on a dark and void earth, neither did He nurse the darkness and hoped it would get better; no! He spoke to the darkness and emptiness and things came to light and life! Continue speaking to your issue till you see what you expect!

Today, we will be studying the story of Jairus and his sick daughter in Mark 5, among other stories to show that words are powerful enough to make things and people walk literally to your town/house for your own good!

Jairus made a great prayer request to Jesus in vs. 23. “… And sought him greatly, saying, My little daughter lies at the point of death: I pray you, come and lay your hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.”


This prayer point is very loaded because it took care of the problem and Jairus’ expectation – both for healing and living. His prayer point said, “Jesus, my daughter is home – sick and dying, please come and lay your hands on her so that she will be healed, but if we get to the house and she is dead, she will live if you lay your hands on her!” Jairus presented his problem and his expectations; as we also should! Our prayers and requests must never end with the problem, but with our expectations – what we speak last matters, and that is why we must speak the solution and our expectations! Tears and emotions do not move God, only faith does! Faith is the currency of heaven; application of faith moves God! Because Jesus saw Jairus’ faith, He followed him to his house – it was on His way to the house that He encountered the woman with the issue of blood, who also used her faith to get her healing! Unfortunately, as the healing of the woman with the issue of blood was going on, Jairus’ daughter had died in the house – and as Jesus heard the man say that the girl had died, He quickly spoke before Jairus could say anything to cancel and nullify the faith-filled words he had spoken earlier! This is the problem with most of us – we speak words of faith when a problem springs up, we speak belief and trust in the power of God; but when it seems that the situation has not changed after a while, we begin to speak negativity, doubt and fear! When the pressure and heat is high, we begin to think nothing will work anymore, and then we begin to speak negative confessions and start to believe that maybe that issue is our “cross” – we speak it so much that it eventually becomes the cross we carry for a very long time!

Jesus told Jairus to not be afraid, and He is telling you same today to not be afraid or shaken, to hold on to what you believe in and your words of faith; even when the mountain is not moving and the weather is not changing, despite the bad news people bring – hold on to what you believe because it is only a matter of time before your miracle happens. Your faith will bring you success and victory! When the bad news comes, hold your tongue and seal your lips until you muster the strength to speak words of faith again!


When Jesus got to the house of Jairus and saw the mourners, He spoke and said the girl was not dead but was only sleeping – what Jesus did here was change the atmosphere that was thick and filled with sorrow and weeping to a lighter mood; He dispersed the cloud of negativity and filled it with positivity. He knew that to them it was easier to wake a girl who was sleeping than to wake a girl who was dead, so He came down to a level they could believe in to turn the story around. Change your mourning to laughter by changing your words. Put the negativity out by stepping into your situation with positivity, just like Jesus put the mourners and their mourning outside and stepped into the room with the mindset that the girl was sleeping “… he had put them all out…” (vs. 40). Jesus entered a room that death had flown out of its window because Jesus had commanded it with His words even before He entered the room; He had declared what He wanted! This is why all Jesus had to do was ask the girl to rise up!

Your words determine your future, they determine your health, wealth and place in eternity – YOU ARE THE PROPHET OF YOUR LIFE! The words of your mouth arrive at your future before you do; the words of your mouth create desires and transmit images that you will eventually live out!

In other words, the words of your mouth frame your world! Speak the world you want to see; because your words set the course of your life, they point you in the direction you move, they establish strongholds, they help to break and change habits, they help to redirect your thought patterns! Speak loud enough, hear yourself and let the words you speak be what you love to hear and see!

In Luke 10: 38-42, Jesus emphasized on the good part that Mary had chosen – the word; the word that could not be taken away from her! It is good to be busy like Martha, but not to the point where you neglect the word! Mary’s sitting at the feet of Jesus to hear the word was useful eventually, as we will learn in a bit.

You cannot speak what you do not have; abundance of the word in your heart controls what flows out of your mouth! Take the time to read and study the word of God! Prov. 4: 20


When Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, died in John 11 and Jesus was informe, He came into town and Martha went up to meet Him upon hearing of His arrival. Yes, they had a conversation about how Lazarus would not have been dead if Jesus had been there etc., but no, Jesus did not move to go to raise Lazarus yet; UNTIL Mary went up to meet Him! The Mary that heard the word, the Mary that had the word! Martha did not have the words that mattered, but Mary did because she had the faith that was instigated from hearing the word of God! Faith comes by hearing the word of God; and this worked for Mary – her faith-filled words moved the feet of Jesus!

What you give your ears, eyes and mouth to can move God on your behalf! Words that you speak give permission and license to spiritual forces to work for or against you!

Psa. 141: 3 – Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.”

Thank you for following through on this sermon series with me. I hope that as you start to live a new life with this new knowledge of how powerful your words are, you will take care of your tongue and heart by filtering and controlling what you see, hear, read and listen to!

Lord, help your people to have control over their tongues; uproot all things they have said that has caused over their lives; help they sow new and good seeds over their lives, health, ministries, families, jobs, careers, finances in the name of Jesus. Help them reap the expectations they want to see, Lord. Help them speak words that will change their worlds and turn them to victors,movers and shakers of this world! God bless you!






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