The mission team embarked on a mission trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone on Wednesday 17th April, 2013. The journey from Nigeria to Freetown, Sierra Leone lasted for about 12 hours. We were warmly received by the Protocol team of Bishop J. Archibald Cole.

The mission work in Sierra Leone commenced on Thursday 18th of April, 2013 by 9 am with the School of Leadership. Rev. David Olatona ministered on the topic “PRIORITY OF CHARACTER IN LEADERSHIP”. Scriptures read were 1 Corinthians 11:1, Hebrews 6:12 and Romans 5:1-4. Rev. David Olatona in his teaching said, “Leadership determines everything”. If you want to improve on an organization, improve on the leadership. An organization must not rise above its leader. As leaders, you must constantly explore new grounds, and get new experiences. Your job is to move the people from where they are to where they ought to be. That is, taking them to their destined positions for a kick-off. The question is where have you been? Leadership is impossible without vision. It is illegal, leading people to nowhere. You must have a clear vision. Without vision your leadership is illegal. Hence vision gives legitimacy to your leadership. Vision is the end of the journey. It is a destination. It’s the ladder upon which you stand to determine the outcome of your journey. Vision is the picture of the future. Managers maintain but leaders create new future. The leaders you follow determine your destination. As a leader, if you do not have character, God is not with you. Submit yourself to people who know where they are going.

Leadership is the ability to influence others through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, produced by a conviction, birthed by a purpose. It includes everything that makes you an effective leader. You don’t create a purpose, you discover a purpose and you capture it. Leadership starts with a purpose and purpose produce conviction. Conviction is a fixed or firm belief. You are motivated by a vision. Passion is a product of your vision, conviction and purpose. Passion is not finding something to live on, it’s finding something to die for. If you want to make a difference, you must be a passionate leader. Your passion will produce inspiration. Where there’s no inspiration, there is no manipulation. True leaders do not manipulate, they inspire. The number one priority in leadership is character. True leaders never seek followers, followers seek true leaders. Where there is no purpose, there is no passion. Your influence will provide leadership. Great leaders are not gifts, they are results.


The session came to an end with seventy-five (75) leaders and pastors in attendance.

Vocational Empowerment and Development program commenced in the afternoon as the participants were trained on the production of body and hair cream, stain removal and toilet wash. A total number of one hundred and sixty-three (163) people participated in the programme. Products made were shared among the participants.

Some of the Chemicals Used
Some of the Chemicals Used

The Encounter Night in the evening was a great meeting. One hundred and fifty-eight (158) people were in attendance as Rev. David Olatona ministered on the Topic “THE POWER OF IMAGINATION”. The Scriptures read were Matthew 12:34; Proverbs 23:7; Matthew 12:35; Proverbs 23:7; 2 Cor. 10:4-5; Philippians 4:8; Deut. 16:20. He started by saying that “there is something common with your heart, head, and mind and that is your thinking. Your heart, mind, and head are your place of thinking. It is the stronghold of your mind. If you win in your mind, your heart will win. If you lose in your mind, your heart will lose”. Whoever rules or runs your thinking room reigns in your life. If you allow God, He will reign in your life. If you allow the devil, he will reign in your life. The one that rules your mind controls your life. Everybody moves in the direction of their dominant thought. It is out of the abundance of your thought that you speak. You need to deal with your inside before you can deal with your outside, as you can only give birth to what is or was on your inside. When a thought cross your mind, is it true, honourable, noble, just, pure, lovely and of good report?

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. – Phil. 4:8

Change the way you think. Think what God is thinking and you will get God kind of result.

Two things that feed your mind or thought:

  • Your eyes
  • Your ears

What you say to yourself (for your hearing) is what you see. The gateway to your thought or mind is through your ears and eyes. What you see and hear is very powerful. What you see forms your image in your mind. Proverb 4:28.

There was an in-depth understanding of the word of God. The sermon was indeed an eye-opener as they proclaimed.

Friday 19th of April 2013, Rev. David Olatona ministered on the topic: “THE MARK OF AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP” during the morning session (School of Leadership). He started by quoting ” Leadership is a word on everybody’s lips. The young fight against it. The police seek for it. Experts claim it. The artists spurn or displace it. Scholars want it. Diplomats pretend to have it. Politicians wish they could have it. There is crisis in the leadership of the church now. If God is going to handover the baton, will it be you?” We have 41% of men in the leadership of the church now.

There is confusion about the definition of leadership. Who will lead us in the 21st century? Where can we find leaders that can lead us?

World View On Leadership: Somebody lively, cheerful or vigorous, somebody who acts or carries himself smartly, somebody who has power. In our world today, you are a leader if you have power, title, etc.

God’s View On Leadership: God’s form of leadership is not about title or power. Matthew 20:25-28. If you want to be a leader, you have to, first, be a servant. If you want to be the greatest, be a servant. God’s view of leadership is servant hood. How can you know when you have a servant attitude?  It’s not enough to wear the garment of a servant but do you have the heart of a servant? Do not look for title or position, look for where to serve.

How do you spot a servant? By looking at the heart!

The School of Leadership ended with eighty-nine (89) pastors and leaders in attendance. Souls were richly blessed and transformed.

Vocational Empowerment and Development program commenced in the afternoon as the participants were trained on the production of body perfumes and insecticides. The students were given opportunities to practice with the supervision of the instructors. There were one hundred and sixty-seven (167) participants in attendance. Samples of Body perfume and Insecticides were shared among the participants.


Rev. David Olatona ministered on the topic “THE POWER OF SPOKEN WORDS” at the Encounter Night. Scriptures read were Mark 5:22-24, 35-43; Proverbs 6:2; Mark 11:22-23 and Numbers 14:28. He commenced by stating, “Every man is the product of his words”. What you say becomes a seed immediately. You are a product of what you sow yesterday. It is the word of your mouth that either traps you or frees you. A man is justified or condemned by his words. The words of your mouth are very important to the fulfillment of your destiny. The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. Your expectation will be fulfilled through your spoken word. What do you do when there is a delay?

Indeed many lives were transformed as they received the word of God. The Encounter Night came to a close with one hundred and seventy-two (172) people in attendance.

Saturday 20th of April 2013,  topic wasTHE FOUR IMPLICATIONS OF SERVANT LEADERSHIP

  • A Humble Heart: God gives grace to the humble but rebuke the proud. Mark 10:45; Matthew 20:20-28. Humility is when you display a non-threatening attitude when you are confronted by another person. Humility is deep sensitivity to the needs of others. Phil 2:5-11.
  • An Honest Heart: A heart without games, a heart without deception. When they say it, that is how it is. To be honest means to live a life of integrity. Proverbs 11:3; 19:1; 20:7 and Genesis 20:1-6 were read.
  • An Unselfish Heart: The greatest victory of a leader is victory over self. Self interest has overtaken us. Luke 9:46-50. There is greatness in service. If you want to be the greatest, you must be the least. True greatness comes from an unselfish heart who understands that God’s kingdom is bigger than they are. You should be committed to a course that is greater than you. Phil. 1:15-18. The only thing that should matter to us is that the kingdom of God must go forward and Jesus must be glorified. To be unselfish means to think about others and not about you.
  • A Generous/Giving Heart: John 3:16; John 13:1-14. A heart that is generous is the kingdom-kind of heart. You are expected to help the people that God sends your way as a leader – Eph. 6:8. If you want to be a leader; you will end up being frustrated in life because very few people want to be lead. If you want to be a servant, you will do exploit in life. We do not have leadership crisis but servant hood crisis. If you want to be a leader, you will be disappointed but if you want to be a servant, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a leader, go find the servants. If you find the servants, that is where the leaders are.

This last session of the School of Leadership ended with the presentation of certificates to one hundred and forty-seven (147) pastors and leaders who participated. They were all filled with great joy.

The last session of the Vocational Empowerment and Development program ended as the participants were trained on the production of disinfectants and liquid soap. At the end of the teaching, two hundred and fourteen (214) participants were awarded certificates. There was an outbreak of joy and astonishment as the students received their certificates. Samples of products made were also shared among the participants.

The last session of the Encounter Night was indeed a prophetic night as Rev. David Olatona made some prophetic declarations on everyone. The prophetic declarations were that “this year people will clap for you. You will hit it big. You will go places. You will do well. Every good in this year will be vomited to you. Every hand that has been raised up against you, God will cut it off. Today marks the end of shame in your life. Your days of weeping are over. Everything you have lost shall be restored to you. For your sake, God will change the rule. God will use you to write a new history. Everywhere you turn to, favour will speak for you. Every where the sole of your feet touch, it shall be given to you as your possession. The heaven will be permanently open for you.”

Rev. David Olatona proceeded further as he led some prophetic prayer points:

  • Nothing will die in your hands. Genesis 37:5 & 9.
  • Your dream will become a reality. Genesis 21:6.
  • Everyone or forces that have been working against your laughing be cut off. Just like He made Sarah laugh, He will make you laugh. Genesis 21:6.
  • The Lord will give you an encounter that will put an end to every form of pain, shame, and reproach in your life forever. Genesis 41:41-52.
  • The Lord will give you the grace that will not make you be an enemy to your own progress/myself. You will not be the one to destroy my destiny by the things you do, say or by the type of friends you keep. The Lord will help you conquer yourself and give you the grace to please Him all the days of your life.

One hundred and twenty-seven (127) people were in attendance. The people of Sierra Leone commented that they have never seen or had this kind of Dominion Faith Mission in the whole land of Sierra Leone. Partnerships were formed to start the skills production in Sierra Leone.

Truly, 2013 Sierra Leone mission was another ground-breaking revival experience full with testimonies. Several people were imparted and trained to be economically self-reliant. We sincerely appreciate the almighty God for this great privilege to be a blessing to this nation. The mission team had a safe trip back to Nigeria on Monday 22nd April 2013. We return all glory to God.

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