After two years, Rev. David Olatona returned to Liberia on mission with a big bang. The mission was a 6-Day Destiny Connection Summit in two separate cities. The team spent three days each in Monrovia and Ganta. The mission was anchored by David Olatona Global Outreach in collaboration with the pastors and Christians of both communities. The morning session which was the Leadership Development and Skill Empowerment Session ran without a break from 9:30am – 1:30pm. The Destiny Connection Service ran from 5:30 pm as the evening session. The theme of the Summit was “Discovering how to be on the Cutting Edge in the 21st Century.” The summit held from the 16th – 22nd of May 2016.

The team was received at the Robert International Airport by Pastor Yinka Adesegha who is the coordinating person among the Pastors in Liberia. The venue of the first three-day meeting was the Light Center, Tai-Town, Monrovia, pastored by  Pastor Wah Wallace.



Rev. David Olatona opened this first session of the Destiny Connection Service with a message on Divine Favour with the opening statement; “A life without favour is full of frustration; because favour is the special and principal ingredient that you need to fulfill destiny.” “For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted” (Psalm 89:17).

Favour is as important as wisdom; the two work together; even Jesus could not fulfill destiny without favour. “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” (Luke 2:52). If Jesus could not do without favour don’t attempt to live without favour. It is the recipe for a frustrated life. Open up for favour. It is the will of God for you.

  • Favour is the reason your prayer is answered.
  • Favour opens doors to you.
  • Favour causes men to go out of their way to help you.

Favour will even set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. When God decided to anoint a new king from the house of Jesse, it was favour that selected David. He was forgotten in the bush; he was not in the agenda of men, not even his father remembered him; but God remembered him; and he was anointed right in the presence of his brothers. It was the favour of God.

He spoke on the life of Mephibosheth, from 2 Sam. 9: 1. “And David said, Is there yet any that is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake?” God is the source of all favour. David, though the King, was restless here to show Mephibosheth favour. Some people will not sleep until they show you kindness. That was the case with King Ahasuerus in Shusan. He could not sleep until he showed favour to Mordecai. When favour is working there is promotion. “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he puts down one, and sets up another” (Psalms 75:6, 7). Once God decided to show favour to Mordecai the king could not sleep until he asked for the book of chronicles. In the end Mordecai was lifted and Haman fell. It was the covenant between David and Jonathan, Mephibosheth’s father that triggered the favour. If the covenant between man and man can stand; how much more shall the covenant between God and His Son! On the cross, God cut an everlasting covenant with his Son to always do you good. He vowed to defend you against evil. Get ready, your change has come. It is your time to be favored!

Day One, ministering at the Light Center, Monrovoa
Day One, ministering at the Light Center, Tai-Town, Monrovia


Rev. David Olatona took his text from Matt. 9:35-39. He started his session by challenging his audience, made up of people averaging the age of forty, as the next generation of leaders.

LEADERSHIP is about moving people from one point to another. You must know where you are going as a leader. You may not have been there but you must have a mental picture of the place. Why should people follow you if you don’t know where you are going?


THE 20-39 YEARS AGE BRACKET: This is the beginning of leadership where the paramount question is; “Can I do it?” The answer is “Yes you can!” But don’t give up on your dream; you can’t compromise it; you can’t sell it. Speak it, walk it, sleep with it, wake with it and look like it. Because where there is no vision people perish. To perish means to gradually disintegrate. You must be very courageous. That’s the counsel of God for all young men. He told Joshua, in Chapter 1 of the book of Joshua, “be strong and very courageous” three times from verse 6-9. Don’t let anybody discourage you—not even your father. That is how you can be the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the Wright brothers or Thomas Edison. Stay with your dream.

THE 45-60 YEARS AGE BRACKET: This stage of leaders is half way through. The paramount question is; “Can I sustain this?” what I began 25 years ago. You can. Just make sure you continually go back to the One who sent you in the first place. He will renew your strength and vision. Many people will join you along the way; some for good, some for bad. But God will sustain you and the vision. Stay faithful to Him.

THE 70 YEARS AND ABOVE BRACKET: These ones are near the finish line. The question is; “Can I take this across the finish line? Can I finish strong?”


Be a team player: Stop walking alone. We can’t walk as individuals to get rid of the monster in Africa. And you can’t have a perfect team member. Christ Himself did not have perfect team members. Judas was there. Peter was there. The sons of thunder were there. And Thomas was there. Our goal must be to reach our goal. No more walking alone. Psalms 133 paints the graphic picture of the power of unity. It is there that God commands His blessing.

Take time to develop upcoming leaders: Joseph interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh. And Pharaoh created the office of a deputy Pharaoh for Joseph. He gave room for the young generation and he thrived through the gifts of the young man. But Saul did the opposite. David helped him to kill Goliath. He solved a 40 days old problem for him and removed his shame. But Saul went after David to kill him. He not only lost his kingdom, he also lost his life. Don’t enter into competition with the young generation. And for the young generation you must learn to be like Jesus in Phil. 2:5-9. Don’t flaunt your gifts in the face of those who have gone ahead of you.

Be a problem solver: Don’t pursue money. If you solve problems money will run after you. Look for a problem and solve it; then people will bring money to you to solve it for them. You must know what problem you can solve and face it squarely. Find out the problem you are designed to solve. There is a purpose for your life. That is why you are here and alive. Find it and face it and solve it.

In summary, to be in the cutting edge of leadership at whatever stage you find yourself the following things must be in place

  1. Be a man of vision
  2. Be a team player
  3. Make room for the younger generation
  4. Find the problem you are cut out to solve


On this second day of the summit, participants were taught to make ten litres of air freshener, fourteen litres of stain remover and toilet wash, and five litres of disinfectant. Rev. Olatona advised the participants not to waste any time in putting to use what they have learnt. Think big, start small; and start now.

After this session, Rev. Olatona met with about ten (10) pastors, all of them heads of churches, for a brief Pastors’ meeting in Pastor Wah Wallace’s office; he spoke and emphasized to the pastors the need to walk in unity (which commands God’s blessings) in the body of Christ.


Rev Olatona continued his message on Divine Favour in this session. With a strong anointing on him, he used the life of Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 9) as a case study of what favour can do. The anointing of favour is one of the anointing of the end times to cause wealth transfer. God knows that as the righteous, favour is the only way for you to pursue and conquer. And God cannot lie. It is written; “For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield” (Psalms 5:12). The state of your life is a reflection of the favour you have received. But favour can lift you out of any misery.

Favour means:

  • God showing you kindness.
  • And God sending help to you.
  • But much more than that; favour is God acting personally on your behalf to do what it will take for you to prosper and be who he wants you to be in life.
  • Favour will make a way for you where there is no way.
  • Favour will open a door where there is no door.
  • Favour will make provision where there is no provision.
  • Favour will cause people to go out of their way to bless you and provide for you.

If anybody does good to you it is because God has moved them to be good to you. Appreciate the man but give God the glory. No man is good except God. Every time God is about to favour you He positions somebody. I have come to understand that there are no coincidences with God. It is God’s favour at work. Favour can bring you amazing promotions and restoration from the lowest place in life.

That takes us back to the story of Mephibosheth. It is an amazing story of the power of favour. It also reveals that covenant works by releasing favour. Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan, the son of Saul. This boy was a mere baby when both his father and grand-father died on the same day. And the maid that was running away with him dropped him; and he became lame in both feet from that day. But in 2 Sam. 9: 1 and 3 we read; “And David said, Is there yet any that is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake?…And the king said, Is there not yet any of the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness of God unto him? And Ziba said unto the king, Jonathan hath yet a son, which is lame on his feet.” This Mephiboshet had so many things to disqualify him as verse 4 reveals. “And the king said unto him, Where is he? And Ziba said unto the king, Behold, he is in the house of Machir, the son of Ammiel, in Lodebar.”

  • He was not only lame in the feet.
  • His name meant “a dispeller of shame”. So he was a shame distributor.
  • He was living in the house of Machir. Machir itself is an ominous name. It means “battered and beaten”
  • He was living in Lodebar; which means “a place of no pasture”. In fact Lodebar was regarded then as a city of forgotten people.

You see the odds against Mephibosheth were too much. Only God could have overturned them. However he had one thing going for him here. He was in the house of Machir, the son of Ammiel. That name Ammiel means “God’s kinsmen”. In spite of all the odds, they were God’s people: the shame-distributing, battered and beaten people of God living in a city of forgotten people. Is that not often the case with the children of God? When people begin to wonder where is our God? Favour was the cure for Mephibosheth. Covenant lifted him up when God smiled on him through David.





Participants at the empowerment session were taught how to make 5 litres of Insecticide and 55 litres of Liquid Soap


Rev. David Olatona preached the message titled “The God of Breakthrough”. He used seven (7) instances in the Scriptures to prove that God can use anything to bless you and supply your need.

  1. Gen. 22:1-14. God supplied a ram caught in a ticket for Abraham to sacrifice in the place of his son, Isaac.
  2. 1 King 17:1-6. God used ravens to provide bread and flesh to Prophet Elijah even in the midst of famine. Now that is very unusual because Ravens are most selfish birds. They do not even provide food for their young. It was God who commanded them to feed his prophet.
  3. Matt. 17:22-27. Jesus used money from the mouth of a fish to pay his tax and that of Peter. God can use anything to favour you and nobody can understand it.
  4. 2 Kings 4:1-7. With a little oil in a jar the widow woman following the instruction of Prophet Elisha was able to fill many vessels supernaturally. The oil did not stop flowing until there were no more vessels to fill. She was able to pay off her debts and she and her two sons lived on the rest.
  5. John 2:1-11. Jesus turned water to wine at the marriage in Canaan and averted shame for that new couple. The servants who served the water obeyed the instruction of Jesus. He also wants to manifest his glory in your life.
  6. John 6:1-12. Jesus fed 5,000 men (not counting the women and children) with five loaves and two fishes. They kept multiplying as the disciples served them to the people. The bread and fish kept growing.
  7. 1 Kings 17:8-17. God supernaturally supplied to feed Prophet Elijah and the widow of Zarephath, her son and her household for many days. It was God who told Elijah to “Arise, get thee to Zarephath, which belongeth to Zidon, and dwell there: behold, I have commanded a widow woman there to sustain thee.” Elijah went in obedience to God. And Elijah met the woman at the gate gathering sticks. The gate was the meeting point. Any time God wants to favour you he will position a helper for you. God positioned the widow at the gate. The steps of the righteous are ordered by God.



Venue: Jubilee Christian Center


Rev. David Olatona announced that for all his sessions in Ganta, God has instructed him to teach on the subject of The Power of Your Words, which is also the title of his new book that will soon be published.

He took his text from the book of James Chapter 3 beginning from verse 2, with the opening statement; “A closed mouth is a closed destiny”. Though the tongue is a small member of the body, it is very powerful indeed. It is comparable to the rudder of the ship. As mighty as a ship is, it is controlled by a small rudder even in a mighty storm at sea. It determines the direction that the ship will go. If your body is not under control it means that your tongue is loose. You can control your whole body and destiny by controlling your mouth. You can control your life if you can control your words. It is what you say that programs how you act

Words can break marriages, ministries and destinies. But the good news is that words can also make great marriages, ministries and destinies. See Prov. 18:20-21. Everything that comes out of your mouth produces fruit according to their kind. You either speak words of death or you speak words of life.

If you do not tame your tongue, you will poison your life.

There is nothing so great in this world that cannot be changed by your words—including your body. You can turn around any situation by your words. Do not deny trouble; but don’t speak trouble. Speak what you desire.

If you change your WORD; you will change your WORLD.

It is great wisdom to pray the prayer of the Psalmist; “Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips” (Psalms 141:3).


Rev Olatona continued his teaching on The Power of Your Words. He began this time from James 3: 9-10. Every man is made in the image of God, whether you are born again or not. But that image is only active in those who are born again. The image of God in every man is a spirit; because God is a Spirit. He created man in his image and likeness (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:7; John 4:24).

It is not enough to be made in the image of God; you also need to function or act like Him. That is why He made you in His likeness; to look like Him in your action. God is a speaking God. In Genesis chapter 1 everything God spoke and He saw. So when He created Adam in His image and likeness, He also had the ability to call things and have it so (Gen. 2:19). You give names to things by pronouncing it. The name you call your wife is what she will become. The name you call your children is what they will become. Whatever name you do not want, change it. If you don’t like what you are seeing in your life then change what you are calling it. That’s how to operate as the likeness of God. Jesus spoke to a fig tree, demonstrating that everything that God created has an ear. Verse 14 says; “And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever. And his disciples heard it.” If it says Jesus answered it means the tree spoke to Jesus first. Everything God created also has a mouth. Your circumstances are saying something to you. If you don’t like it; change it with your words.

If your heart and your mouth can agree, there is nothing you say out of your mouth that will not happen; as Jesus has declared. (Mark 11:23).

It is what is in your heart that determines what you say; “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt.12:34). Your mouth, your eyes and your ears are the gateway to your heart. What goes through them constantly will determine what comes out of your mouth to control your life

The only choice we have in this case is to determine what words we live by. We do not have any choice whether we live by words. Your life, destiny and circumstances is controlled by words—especially your own words.

“If your mouth will feed your heart the word of faith when you don’t need it; then your heart will fill your mouth with the words of faith when you do need it.”

God’s word must be a daily part of your vocabulary. Speak God’s word; not yours (Isaiah 58:13, Psalm 17:4). Ezek. 37:1-7 gives us God’s pattern. Just as God told Ezekiel what to say to the dry bones; He has also given us His word in the Bible to speak to our own mountains. Let us speak as commanded.

Rev. Olatona continued on the subject of The Power of Your Words during the Destiny Connection Service that evening.

  • There are two kinds of words: faith-filled and fear-filled words. Faith filled words will put you over and give you victory; while fear filled words will bring you defeat.
  • Words are spiritual containers. They either carry love and faith; or they carry hate and fear.
  • Words are spiritual seeds sown with your mouth that produce after their own kind.
  • Words are building blocks with which you construct your life and future.
  • Your words set boundaries in your life—they can either confine you or release you (Prov. 6:2).
  • Words have creative abilities. They create the reality that you see.
  • God’s word has God’s DNA and the ability to perform without your help. Once spoken it has the ability in itself to come to pass.
  • You are the first prophet of your life. The words that you speak program your life.
  • You program your spirit for success or failure by the words of your mouth.
  • The word of God conceived in your heart and spoken out of your mouth releases the force of faith, the creative ability of God.
  • Your words establish strongholds, they direct your thought pattern; and can form or break habits.
  • Your words point you in the direction you go.
  • Your words determine your future; the state of your health and your wealth.
  • Your words determine your place in eternity.
  • Your words arrive in your future to wait for you. Words spoken today become what you will see tomorrow.
  • Your words transmit images that you will eventually live out; they create your desires.
  • Your words give permission or license to spiritual forces to either work for or against you.
  • Just like God words are our methods of operation.
  • Every time you speak you set one of two laws in motion—the law of sin and death, or the law of the Spirit of life (Rom. 8:2).

In Mark 5:21-38 two people used the words of their mouth correctly to get major victory. Jairus prevented sickness and death from taking away his twelve years old daughter. He said to Jesus; “My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.” Those words went ahead of him, even when the evil report came that she was dead Jesus simply told him; “Be not afraid, only believe.” Just hold on to the words of faith you spoke from the beginning. His daughter lived. During the journey the woman with the issue of blood was also healed. “For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole”.

Words are the most powerful things in the universe. They either release death or they release life. You see, as astounding as it sounds, life and death are subject to your words (Prov. 18:21).

Day 3 Leadership Session was taken by Pastor Yinka Adesegha of Kingdom Life Center, Monrovia. He gave a life transforming word from 1 Chron. 4:1-10 on the life of Jabez. There was a disconnection with destiny in the life of Jabez. He came from the honourable lineage of Judah. It was a heritage of praise. By destiny he was even more honourable [glorious, rich, weightier] than his brethren. But by the words of his mother, who named him sorrow, he was disconnected. When Jabez became tired he decided to connect by faith with his words spoken in prayer to the God of his father (Verses 9-10). Your words of faith can break every curse over your life and release your destiny.

The final teaching session of this Summit was taken by Rev. David Olatona during the Destiny Connection Summit. It turned out to be a powerful prophetic session that greatly stirred the people. It was as if God wanted to demonstrate that the spoken word is the key to fulfilling destiny. Rev. Olatona started by talking on Divine Favour using Luke 2:52. Even Jesus, in spite of his wisdom and stature could not do without favour. It is because favour is the super ingredient to excel in life. A life without favour will be full of frustration; and such a destiny will remain unfulfilled.

The blessing in your life is a direct reflection of the favour upon your life. It is favour that enables you to possess your possession (Deut. 33:23). Favour is the secret ingredient in the life of a believer that gives you the advantage in every area. It was by favour that God gave the Israelites the land (Psalms 44:1-3). They didn’t need to fight. It was because of favour that they didn’t leave Egypt empty—they spoiled Egypt (Exod. 3:21, 12:36).

The Skill Empowerment Sessions at Ganta

Two sessions were held, one on Friday and the other on Saturday. On Friday the participants were taught how to make Air-freshener, Stain Remover with Toilet Wash, and Disinfectant (Dettol). And on Saturday they were taught how to make Insecticide and Liquid Soap. The sessions at Ganta were unique because Sister Eunice, a local pastor’s wife who benefitted from the training four years ago, was now the one doing the teaching. It was a development that greatly pleased Rev. David Olatona; and a testimony of the fruit of his ministry in Liberia. As a matter of fact Sister Eunice Phillips testified that during the Ebola crisis people were coming from all over to buy her products. Her products were preferred. She further testified that she now takes the training to villages. Three other people also testified of the impact of the last training in their lives. None of them spends money any more to buy home use chemical products.

A total of one hundred and three (103) participants were trained during the two days in Ganta. Ninety-three (93) were trained in Monrovia; and certificates were issued to them all.

The team returned straight from Ganta on Sunday, 22-05-16, departing by 7:00 am; and went straight to Pastor Yinka Adesegha’s church, Kingdom Life Centre, Monrovia, where Rev. David Olatona was scheduled to minister. We arrived there at about 10:30 am meeting the praise and worship session. After the congregational hymn Rev Adesegha, with great humility and honour to God’s servant, invited Rev. Olatona to the pulpit; who was led to minister from Luke 4:18-19 with strong emphasis on the anointing and favour (the acceptable year of the Lord). There was a strong manifestation of the anointing with prophetic utterance. It was an explosive service with people falling under the anointing just from hearing the word only.

To God be the glory for a successful Mission Liberia 2016! We say a big thank you to all the teams that received us both in Ganta and Monrovia; we look forward to another great mission experience in the future with the people of Liberia!

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