Glory! Glory!! The Lord has done it again; it has not been by our power but by the grace of the Lord. We thank the Almighty God for giving us another opportunity on the 22nd of May 2014, as He used us as a channel of blessing to the people of Liberia in Ganta, our heart is full of praise, our tongue with songs and our feet with great steps of dance. Glory be to the Lord!!

The Centre for Vocational Empowerment and Development (CVED) team joined Rev. David Olatona who had left Nigeria to Liberia a week before the CVED team united with him to head up to Ganta where the three days programme would take place.

The first day of the Success in Life Summit was opened with a prayer session and the School of Pastoral Nurture started with the teaching on the topic “CHARACTER – A PRIORITY IN LEADERSHIP” by Rev. David Olatona. He started his teaching by saying if you want to stay long in God’s work that integrity most be your watch word.

Rev. David pointed out that leadership determines everything; that an organisation can never rise above its leadership. He says “when a leader grows, the organisation will grow; when a leader reads a book, the organisation will benefit from what he has gained from the book.”

Eighty-nine (89) people were in attendance during the first day of the School of Pastoral Nurture and at 2 pm that same day, the skill acquisition training session commenced with one hundred and six (106) people that were taught body and hair cream, air freshener, toilet wash and stain removal production making.

The Success Night session commenced at about 6:30 pm. Rev. Olatona read Psa. 127:1, and spoke on the topic GOD, THE BUILDER. He started by saying that you cannot build anything with your strength or skill, you build by the grace and strength of God, or else your every attempt will be frustrated. If you put God out of the equation, you have just zeroed in on frustration.

Several prophetic declarations were made by. Rev. Olatona and he prayed for the Ninety-eight (98) people that were in attendance for the Success Night session on the first day.

The School of Pastoral Nurture commenced on the second day of the summit. Pastor Olayinka (Kingdom Life Church, Monrovia) took the first part of the teaching; he continued with Rev. Olatona’s previous day’s teaching and started by saying that as a leader you must build people up to take over from you when you need back up or when you are gone.

Immediately Pastor Olayinka finished his teaching, Rev. Olatona took over to start the second part of the teaching titled “LEADERSHIP’S GREATEST THINGS”. He started by saying that everyone communicates, but not everybody connects. Everybody is a leader but not everybody is effective. It is not one thing that will make you an effective leader; it is a couple of things and there are no shortcuts to the top.

He listed 10 points to being an EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP; have victory over self, exhibit confidence, be ready to take up responsibility, take time to think, stay humble, know how to make use of your today, be a person of hope, pray every day for wisdom, adds value to others and has an honest heart

The skill training session commenced at 2 pm. The participants were taught how to produce body spray, germicide and insecticide. One hundred and twenty-seven (127) people were present during this session.

The Success Night commenced around 6 pm; and Rev. Olatona commenced his teaching on “GOD, THE BUILDER: OF MARRIAGES & FAMILIES”. He started by saying that if you start to build something without God, you will end up having an unfinished project on your hands.

The night session was very impactful and powerful, Rev. Olatona ended the night meeting with prayer for the two hundred (200) people that were in attendance.

The third and the last day of the meeting, Rev. Olatona took the final teaching at the School of Pastoral Nurture – “THE MARK OF AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP”.He started by saying that the only mark of leadership is SERVANT HOOD. He read Matt. 20: 20-28. The woman in the text, the mother of Zebedee’s sons – James and John – wanted to use association and affiliation to ask for favours for her sons. She wanted to use the influence of her familiarity to get her sons into God’s kingdom – but this cannot be the case! The ones that must be great and first must be the ones who are willing to be servants or slaves.

In conclusion, Rev. Olatona said that God is looking for servants – people that will serve their generation. If you are not or cannot serve, then you are not qualified! 116 people were in attendance for this session and all participants were awarded certificates of participation at the end of the session and group pictures were taken.

While the last skill training session for the summit commenced at 2 pm. Participants were taught how to make liquid soap and disinfectant. 135 were in attendance and all were given certificates for acquiring the skills.

Also, the final Success Night programme commenced at about 6:30 pm, with Rev. Olatona taking the final part of his teaching titled “GOD, THE BUILDER: OF BUSINESSES & CAREERS; CHURCHES & MINISTRIES”. After the teaching, Rev. Olatona prayed for breakthrough for every business and career persons in the house that night, and for all pastors. One hundred and sixty-five persons were in attendance that night.

Thus, the Success in Life Summit for Ganta, 2014 came to an end; and to the glory of God it was huge success!


Pastor Baryogar
Teaching during one of the School of Pastoral Nurture Session
L-R: One of the CVED team members, Rev. David Olatona, Pastor Olayinka Adesegha (Kingdom Life Church, Monrovia)
One of the CVED Skill Acquisition Classes…
Students participating during one of the practical classes…
One of the participants displaying the finished product…
Participants displaying the finished Air Freshener
Day One of the Success Night
Preaching on Day One of the Success Night Programme
Ganta people dancing…
Dancing with joy…
Pastor Olayinka Adesegha teaching during another School of Pastoral Nurture session…
Rev. Olatona during one of the skill acquisition classes, separating Stain Removal from Toilet Wash…
Participants paying attention during the skill acquisition class…
Displaying finished Body & Hair Cream
Rev. Olatona helping in the production of Insecticide…
Participants producing Insecticide…
Let God build you according to His own design!
Praying for those looking for fruits of the womb…
Praying for the Pastors…
The School of Pastoral Nurture attendants praying… #CVED
Praying for the congregation…
God will bless the works of your hands in Jesus’ name!
Pastor Olayinka Adesegha praying…
Some of the certified attendants of the School of Pastoral Nurture
Pastor Olayinka teaching the production of Liquid Soap…
CVED instructor teaching how to stir the liquid soap components in the course of production…
Packaging the liquid soap
Displaying the finished liquid soap
Some of the skill training students displaying their certificates
Thanksgiving Session during the Day 3 Success Night
Representatives of the Ganta Christian Community appreciating Rev. Olatona
Everything standing as an obstacle in your way, they will be removed in Jesus’ name!
Your business and ministry will experience flourish in Jesus’ name!

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