Wednesday 13th June, 2012

Guinea Conakry mission trip was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 12th June 2012 but there were no empty seats in all the airlines in Nigeria and Benin Republic. Finally, we were able to book Asky Air Line in Togo (Lome) boarding to Guinea Conakry on Thursday 14th June 2012. We left Nigeria to Togo (Lome) on Wednesday 13th June 2012 by 11:30am and got there by 8:30pm.

At the Seme border, we were received by Apostle Marceline who took us to the place we got tickets to Conakry. In Benin Republic, we took a car to Togo (Lome). God lead us safely to Togo (Lome) where Pastor Emmanuel Nove and his team received us.


Thursday 14th June, 2012

Our journey from Togo (Lome) to Guinea Conakry was about 3 hours. When we got to Lome airport, we visited the cargo section of the Asky airline. There, we discovered that the handbills and chemicals which was cargo-ed  from Nigeria to Guinea Conakry since Friday 8th June had not arrived. This happened because about two (2) of the Asky flights had been cancelled. They, however, promised us that those packages will arrive on time. On our way to Guinea Conakry, we had a stop at Abidjan and some passengers boarded, among them was Pastor Rick who we met in Sierra Leone and had been planning t0 contact us in Cote de Voire for our Destiny Connection Summit. At this point, we came to an understanding that God had planned this journey the way it should be and ordered our steps.

We landed safely in Conakry and some members of RHEMA church received us. We went to the cargo section to clear our packages but we were told to come the next day, so that we can go through some protocol. From the airport we went straight to the church and met their intercessors praying. Rev. David commended their effort and encouraged them to keep it up.

Friday 14th June, 2012

Our Destiny Connection Summit in Guinea Conakry commenced. God proved to us that He has been at work before our arrival. Without handbills or banner for advertisement of the program, fifty-two (52) pastors and leaders were in attendance for our school of Pastoral Nurture today. Rev. Olatona ministered on 10 ways to be prosperous in ministry. Pastors and leaders present were really blessed.

We had our Free Skill Acquisition session on the production of Body Cream (Vaseline), Hair Cream, Stain Remover (bleach) and Toilet Wash (Harpic). Three (3) of the participants were given opportunities to practice the skill with the direction of their instructor. The total number of the participants was eighty-four (84). Many questions were asked by the participants and answers were given to all their questions. They were all excited for the training.

In the evening, one hundred and fifteen (115) people attended our Encounter Night. Rev. Olatona ministered on topic “God the Builder”. The scriptures read were Psalm 127:1, 1Sam 2:35, Exo 1:21, and Deut. 6:10-11. Rev. Olatona explained that unless God builds the house, every human effort to build is in vain. He prophesied that any part of our body that needs replacement, God will replace it. It was a time of God’s visitation in our lives, homes, marriages, businesses, jobs and careers. Every soul present was really blessed.

Saturday 15th June, 2012

We had the total number of eighty-five (85) pastors and leaders present in our School of Pastoral Nurture.  Rev. Olatona ministered on the two principal assignments of the office of a pastor. The scriptures read were John 21:14-17, Psalm 78:72, Gal 5:22-23, Acts 2:37, Luke 3:10, 12 & 14, and Eccl 3:1. The two principal assignments of the office of a pastor are; (1) every pastor must be a Feeder (one who feeds the sheep). A pastor must feed the people, be a man/woman of integrity, prepare the food to meet the need of the people (when the people know that there will be answer to their problem, they will never stop coming). A pastor’s message must apply to the lives of the members, include stories and testimonies in your message, and make altar calls for salvation. Rev. Olatona further explains that your congregation will live on what you feed them and follow where you lead them.

(2) Every pastor must be a Leader (one who leads the sheep). A leader is someone who looks at the back and sees someone following him. Therefore, a pastor must be a model, have a vision, be time-cautious, be effective in communication, employ some staff, fast sometimes, confront wrong issues, he must serve and provide leadership in times of crisis.

At the end, some questions were asked and answers were given. A pastor gave a testimony that these teachings have changed his life spiritually and physically. Another person testified that after he heard the teachings yesterday on evangelism, he went to preach and 3 souls were won to Christ. Certificates were given to eighty-five (85) pastors and leaders who participated in the School of Pastoral Nurture.

At the skill acquisition class later, participants were taught how to produce Body Perfume and Insecticides (insect killer). The time we spent together was very interesting because the people were eager to learn. They asked many questions and answers were given them. One hundred and nine people (109) participated in the skill program today.

The encounter night was glorious. One hundred and forty two (142) people were present.  Rev. Olatona ministered on the topic “God of wonders”. The scriptures read were John 9:2-3 and Psalm 127:1. Rev. Olatona in his sermon prophesied that God will use what we have gone through in life to work out something good for us. What people have used to mock us, God will turn it to our good.


Sunday 16th June, 2012

This morning, we fellowshipped with Rhema Evangelical Mission and it was a great time in God’s presence. The choir ministration was very powerful, the people were filled with joy and they danced till the glory of God filled the house. The Spirit of God moved mightily and many souls were touched such that when altar call was made, 35 people gave their lives to Christ. Rev. Olatona ministered on the topic “A New Chapter”.  The scripture read was 1 Chron 4:9-10. The end of Jabez was opened at his beginning but something happened. Instead of being honourable, he was living in pain. There are three reasons that will make God open a new chapter in our lives; 1. So that He can close the old chapter. 2. So that you will fulfill your destiny. 3. God want to be glorified. There are things you need to do for God to open a new chapter for you. They are; 1. You must pray (call on God), example; Jabez. 2. You must be a dedicated Christian, example; Mordecai. 3. Make sacrifice to God, example; Noah. Three hundred and sixty two (362) people were in attendance.

We had a good time today during our skill acquisition class later. We produced Disinfectant (Dettol) and Liquid Soap. At the end, one hundred and fifty four (154) participants were awarded certificates. There was an outbreak of joy as each of them received their certificates. The product was always shared among all the participants.

Our last Encounter Night was of a huge success. One hundred and sixty nine (169) people were present. Rev. Olatona ministered on the topic “The God of Closed Cases”. Ezek 37:1-14 was read. God will visit every closed case in your life in Jesus’ name.

Guinea Conakry 2012
Guinea Conakry 2012

Guinea Conakry mission was accomplished at last. Glory be to God.

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