Dominion Faith Mission Team boarded Arik airline to Gambia on Wednesday 12th September 2012. The journey lasted for about 3 hours, 30 mins. We were warmly received by Pastor Samuel Mba Kalu and three other pastors. We all headed to the cargo section in to collect our chemicals for the skill acquisition which had been cargo-ed since the 4th of September. To our greatest surprise, the chemical was nowhere to be found. It was later discovered the chemicals were still in Nigeria. All efforts made to cargo the chemical to Gambia were not successful.

On Thursday 13th September, Rev. David Olatona started the School of Pastoral Nurture with the topic themed, “Excellence in Ministry”. He took his reading from Psalm 8:8-9. He stated that God does not only have excellent names, He is also an excellent God. If we truly have the spirit of God, we must also have the spirit of excellence. He defined the word ministry as a divine assignment ordained by God. He explained that ministry is not only on the pulpit but it also covers human needs. Importance and nuggets of excellence were also taught. Twenty-seven (27) pastors and leaders were in attendance. During the skill acquisition class, participants were taught only the theory of stain remover, toilet wash, petroleum jelly and hair cream. We were able to do the theory without practical because the chemicals could not be sent to the Gambia. Fifty one (51) people participated in the free skill training.

On Friday 14th September, during the School of Pastoral Nurture, Rev. David Olatona stated the pitfalls ministers must avoid if their ministry must succeed. Firstly, ministers should avoid the love of money. They should not see their members as their source instead God should be seen as their only source, 1 Timothy 8:10. Secondly, ministers should avoid immorality. Ministry is all about impartation of lives but anyone living in immorality cannot impact lives.  Proverb 5 and 6 was also read. Ministers were advised to avoid comparing their churches with others, avoid vain glory, pride in their work and taking offense. This session rounded up with the population of thirty-nine (39) pastors and leaders. Questions were asked and Rev. David Olatona answered all their questions.

The session of the free skill acquisition started with fifty eight (58) participants in attendance. They were taught the step by step production of Body perfume, Insecticides and Disinfectant. It ended with questions and answers were given. Our Destiny Encounter Night commenced as Rev. David Olatona changed the atmosphere with his sermon titled “Remember me,Oh Lord” and the text was taken from Psalm 106:4,  Exodus 26:24, Luke 9:23-43; and Judges 16:28. Rev. David Olatona pointed out that when God remembers a man; his good works will be remembered, He creates a problem that only you can solve, He creates a vacancy that only you can occupy, God helps him to break record. He also gave examples of people that God remembered in the Bible, the Children of Israel when they were in the land of Egypt, the criminal on the cross with Jesus, Samson who killed more of his enemies at death than when he was alive, Mephiboseth a lame man who ate on the king’s table, Hannah and Joseph. This session rounded off with forty nine (49) people in attendance and nine (9) gave their lives to Christ.

On Saturday 15th September, the morning session for the pastors and leaders commenced as Rev. David Olatona spoke on the topic “Ministerial Ethics”. He defined Ministerial Ethics as a way and manner a minister of the gospel should behave or conduct himself.  Scriptures like 1 Timothy 3:14-15, 1 Corinthians 15:40, were read. He emphasized that ministerial ethics is a must-know because it helps ministers to check their excesses, be matured spiritually and become God’s worthy ambassadors. He encouraged ministers to do the things of God with a business-like mind. This session was rounded off as forty seven (47) pastors and leaders were awarded certificate of participation.

The sessions of the skill acquisition started as the participants were taught the step by step production of Liquid Soap, Bathing Soap and shampoo. Questions were asked by the participants and answers were provided for them. An apology was rendered to the participants who were not able to do the practical due to the failure of the chemicals’ arrival in Gambia. However, a hundred and two (102) participants were awarded certificates.

The Destiny Encounter Night was a prophetic session as God gave Rev. David Olatona deep revelation concerning people’s need. Rev. David Olatona prophesied concerning people who normally have eye problem. Five people came out and they were prayed for. The next day, there were testimonies concerning their healing. Rev. David Olatona prophesied concerning a man who’d been denied visa several times. A man came out and he prayed for him. He also prophesied concerning a woman who had some challenges in constructing her personal building. A woman came out and he prayed for her. Another prophetic word came concerning people who are having pain in their left waist. Two women came out and they were prayed for. Rev. David Olatona prophesied divine connection concerning a man. The next day, he testified of how God gave him a contract to work with a car-producing company. The topic of the sermon in this session was titled “God of Marvel” and the scriptures read were Exodus 34:10 and John 9:1- 12. Thirty eight (38) people were in attendance and three (3) gave their lives to Christ.

 The Gambia Destiny Encounter Summit ended with the Encounter Night with eighty-six (86) people in attendance. Two people testified of God doings in their lives through this program. The first person testified that Rev. David Olatona prayed for her yesterday concerning her eye problem and today she read her Bible without her eyeglasses. She was also prayed for concerning a severe pain in her left waist which started since 2007. To God be the glory, she was healed and the pain was gone. Rev. David Olatona prophesied concerning someone who had a court case. A woman came out and he prayed for her. Another prophecy came concerning men who people have challenged that they will never make it in life and they were prayed for. Rev. David Olatona also prophesied concerning a man who has been having struggles in life. A man came out and he prayed for him. There was also prophecy concerning a man who was confused in taking decision of life and he was prayed for. Rev. David Olatona ministered on the topic “God of closed cases” and the Bible texts were taken from Ruth 1:19-20, Ruth 4:13-16, Ezekiel 37:1-11 and Genesis 17:18-19. He prophesied that God will visit every closed case in the lives of all the participants.

Gambia 2012
Gambia 2012

The Gambia mission was accomplished despite the challenges we encountered concerning the chemicals. We give all glory to God.

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