The mission trip to Chad commenced on Monday 19th November, 2012. The journey to Chad lasted for about 5 hours by road and 7 hours by air. It was long but a very successful journey. Officially known as the Republic of Chad, Chad is a country located in north-central Africa. N’Djamena is the capital and the largest city of Chad. The predominant religion of Chad is Islam.

On Thursday 22nd November; the free skill acquisition started in the morning with two sessions on the production of body and hair cream, stain removal, and toilet wash. Three (3) of the participants were given opportunity to undertake post-teaching practical with the direction of the instructor. Questions were raised and they were correctly answered. A total number of ninety-one (91) people participated in the programme. Products made that day were shared among the participants.

The School of Leadership started in the afternoon with Rev. Olatona ministering in God’s word on the topic THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN AFRICA IS LEADERSHIP”.  The biggest challenge in Africa is proper leadership. When leadership is better, the people will enjoy but when leadership is bad, the people will suffer. In the year 2013, new political leaders will emerge. God is using this period to prepare us. Definitions of leadership: Influence, Leading/ drive, Character or noble example, People still in love for people, Intelligence.

Influence: Everybody has influence in the Community, government leadership, and leadership at home. Everybody by one way or the other is a leader as long, as you have influence, you are a leader. What type of influence are you having on people?

Leading/ drive: If you say you are a leader and nobody is following you at your back, you are not a leader. When you are a leader, someone must be following you.

Character or noble example: Can people look at you and imitate you or want to be like you?

People still in love for people: Do you have love for people?

Three ways by which we lead: As a leader, you will offer leadership to people higher than you, equal to you and people below you. The most difficult leadership is self-leadership.

If you lead yourself well, you will influence those above you. Until you conquer yourself, you cannot make influence in your leadership.

Ten (10) Keys that will help you to attain proper self-leadership:

– Be sure of your calling: Be sure of what you are built/designed to do. If you are not sure of your calling, you cannot solve problems. You cannot create your calling; you can only discover your calling, because there is something that was planned for you before you were born. You have an assignment to fulfill.

– Your vision must be very clear.

– Your passion must be hot: Your passion is a mandate. Something you can die for.

– Discover your gifts and develop them: You need to discover your gifts and develop it, particularly your 3 first gifts.

– Your character must be submitted to Christ: You must be a man/woman of integrity.

– Subdue your pride: Pride goes before a fall

– Overcome your fears: Don’t be afraid to take decisions, don’t be afraid to confront issues. If you don’t confront your fears, it will paralyze you.

– Deal with every interior issue: Your heart has a way of helping you to solve problems.

– Sustain your pace: Run the pace you can sustain.

– Love God and love people: Leadership is all about your love for people and God.

There were eighty-one (81) leaders and pastors in attendance. They were really blessed, transformed and impacted. We could not have the Encounter Night because of lack of security at night in N’Djamena, Chad.

Friday 23rd November 2013; the free skill acquisition was held on the production of Body perfumes and Insecticides. The students were given opportunities to practice the skill with the supervision of the instructors. They were one hundred and thirteen (113) participants in attendance. Samples of Body perfume and Insecticides were shared among the participants.

In the afternoon, The School of Leadership was held with eighty-two (82) pastors and leaders in attendance. Rev. David Olatona started the School of Leadership with the topics titled “SYNERGY”.  Jesus’ prayer is that all believers should be one. Not that we will be the same but that we may be one. John 17:11.

What is Synergy?

  • Synergy means combined action that produces much result. One denomination or church cannot win the whole Chad for Christ.

  • Synergy means 1 + 1 = more than 2

  • Synergy means work together.

As a church, don’t wait until you have persecutions before you work together. Do not let church or denomination stop you.  When you combine your effort, you will get more result. Eccl. 4:9.

Advantages of Synergy

  • It helps you to recognize the value of others. When you work with people you will see their values and recognize it.

  • It encourages you and others

  • It gives you leverage and balance. We get good result and good reward.

  • Value offers differences. Don’t fight against someone’s difference, place value on it.

  • Synergy helps you to work with other people. You cannot work alone; you need to work as a team.

 Two types of synergy

  • Bad synergy- Attracts judgment. Gen 11:1-9

  • Good synergy- Attracts blessing. Acts 2:1-4, 44-47; when we work together, we experience God’s blessing. When we are together in unity, we attract the blessings of God. Don’t join together to work against the will of God.

What it takes to work together with others

  • Be humble

  • Be willing to learn

  • Have the right attitude. Don’t join a group because you want to teach them or show yourself. When you have that attitude, you cannot work as a group. Be willing to hear and not to be heard. But if you are asked, “what do you want to say”, then you can talk.

  • Move from “I got it” to “we got it”. In other words, you are not looking for credit.

GOLDEN RULE (Matthew 22 :35-40)

  • GOD must be first in all you do

  • Others must be second

  • Yourself must be third or next

Reasons why  geese fly/flock together

  • When they fly alone, they fly slow but when in group, it becomes faster.

  • They fly longer

  • There will be room for rotation

  • They encourage one another

  • They help each other

  • They get better result

  • They will be there for each other

The School of Leadership ended with question and answer session. Answers were given to them in response to their questions.

The last session of the skill acquisition was held on Saturday 24th November 2013. Participants were taught on the production of Disinfectant and Liquid soap. At the end of the teaching, one hundred and fifty-four (154) participants were awarded certificates. There was an outbreak of joy and astonishment as the students received their certificates. Samples of Disinfectant and Liquid soap were shared among the participants.

The last session of the School of Leadership commenced in the afternoon as Rev. David Olatona ministered on the topic “EXCELLENCE IN MINISTRY

Ministry is stewardship. You can be a political leader, social leader, church leader, etc. You must be of high quality, Possess good quality, unusual degree, and be willing to excel. Excellence is important because the God that we serve is a God of excellence. In all you do, pursue excellence.

Keys that will make you pursue excellence

  • Locate the plans of God for your life.

  • Be prepared for whatever you are going to do.

  • You must be focus.

  • Ask God for wisdom. You must have wisdom

  • Keep good relationship

  • You must have integrity

  • Be prepared for whatever you are going to do

  • You need the anointing of the Holy Spirit

This session ended with the presentation of Certificates to one Hundred and forty-two (142) pastors and leaders who participated in the School of Leadership. They were all filled with great joy. The leaders and pastor commented that Dominion Faith’s kind of mission is a unique one which had never been seen in the whole land of Chad.  Committee was formed to be our link for the next year’s (2013) program in Chad.

Indeed, Chad mission was a great and successful program. Several people were imparted and trained to be economically self-reliant. Testimonies abound and revival broke out in Chad.

Chad, 2012
Chad, 2012

We count it a great privilege to be a part of this mission program. The Mission team had a safe trip back to Nigeria on Sunday 25th November 2012. We return all glory to God.

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