The Mission Team left Ipaja-Lagos on Monday July 9, 2012 by 1:30pm. They arrived Benin Republic by 5:45pm where they stayed over till the following day. The Mission Team left Benin Republic to Burkina Faso at exactly 5am and the journey lasted for about 20 hours.

 On Thursday 12th July 2012, the School of Pastoral Nurture was scheduled to start by 9am but was delayed due to a neighbour that died in front of the church. The community would have stopped the program but God intervened. So, the meeting started by10:30am. Before Rev. Olatona began to minister, the profile of DOMINION FAITH CHURCH was given to all the Pastors and bulletin was shared to all the people that were present. Rev. Olatona started the ministration with his life history in the ministry for about 20years and how God intervened for him.

 He also shared the word of God with them. The topic was “OFFICE OF A MINISTER”. The scripture read was Eph 4:11. The Five (5) FOLD OF MINISTRY are:

EVANGELIST – Soul-winning.

PASTOR – They care for the sheep.

TEACHER – Breaking the word of God.

PROPHET – To correct people’s life.

APOSTLE – To call people to discipleship.

 He also gave them 5 points on how to be successful in the ministry; Be sure of your calling. Know your assignment. What you are called to do in life. Be committed to your calling. Be a man/woman of Prayer and fasting. Be a student of the word of God. Read the word of God always. The attendance was 35. Many were happy to be part of this program. The FEEDS session was scheduled for 3pm. Stain removal, Toilet wash, Petroleum Jelly and hair cream were taught. At the end of the day 13 liters of stain removal and toilet wash was produced. 5 liters of Petroleum Jelly and hair cream was produced. We had a total of 42 people in attendance. The first Night of Destiny Encounter Night, Rev. Olatona spoke on “THE PROBLEM IN THE LIFE OF MAN” (SIN) with reference to Gen 2:16-18, 3:1-10 with some emphasis. He defined sin as “Missing the mark”. He talked about Adam when he eats the fruit of evil and good that God asked them not to eat. He gave them some points of what happened when they disobeyed and sinned against God. They were naked. The meaning of nakedness is poverty. Taken foolish decision- thinking foolishly. Hiding from God. You will not want to come to the presence of God, you will be far from God. They were afraid, Sin breaks relationship between God and man. They were driven out from the place of comfort.

 He also told them ways through which we commit sin; through our thought, attitudes and actions; Gal 19:2, Ps 139:23-24. The people were excited about the word and the attendance was 36. Alter call was made and 18 people gave their lives to Christ.

 On Friday 13th July 2012, the school of Pastoral Nurture started by 9am. A total number of 31 pastors, leaders and workers were present. Rev. Olatona continued from where he stopped by giving them more points on “HOW TO BE EFFECTIVE/SUCCESFUL IN LIFE AND MINISTRY. Rev. Olatona spoke for 1hour 30min and the pastors were given opportunities to ask questions. All the pastors were excited for being a part of this program.

The FEEDS session was scheduled for 2pm Insecticides and Body perfume were taught. Sis Ada gave the theory and called 3 of the participants to carry out the practical. She told them to invite their neighbours and friends when they are coming the next day for the program. The stain removal and toilet wash were shared among the people. The session lasted for 2hrs. A total of 55 people were in attendance. The second day of Destiny Encounter Night Rev Olatona spoke on “THE POWER OF THE CROSS ” – I Cor 1;18, Heb 9:22-26.

On Saturday 14th July 2012, the School of Pastoral Nurture started by 9am. Rev. Olatona continued from where he stopped on the same topic “How to be effective/successful in life and ministry”. Pray for the gift of signs and wonders. John 14:48, Matt 15:30-31. Be Compassionate: have compassion on those people that God gave to you. Love God; Let the love of God increase in you by reading your bible, praying, keeping God’s commandments, and fearing God. Learn to work with other people. Learn how to release leadership. After people must have served you, release them to go and fulfilled destiny. Pray for them. Encourage small groups. They will be able to follow themselves up. He also talked on “How to prepare your message”. What you teach must be in agreement with your life style. Make your message very simple. Break the word of God and make it easy to understand. Your message must be relevant. Always have application for their day to day living Act 2:37. Be time conscious. Keep to time. Include stories and testimonies in your preaching. Make Alter call at the end of your message. Rev. Olatona led  them to pray; Ask the Lord to give you a miracle that will make you forget your past pains and struggles. The Lord will fill your mouth with laughter. The Lord will prosper the land of Burkina Faso.

48 Pastors were in attendance they were awarded certificates.

 The Skill Acquisition Program started by 3pm.  67 people were present. 5 litres of Dettol and 55 litres of liquid soap were produced. The certificates were awarded to all participants and group pictures were taken.

The last day of the Destiny Encounter Night, Rev. Olatona prophesied and prayed for the people. The attendance was 53.

burkina collage
Burkina Faso 2012

The Mission team left Burkina Faso on Sunday 15th of July, 2012 by 7:00am and got to Nigeria the next day Monday 16th of July by 6:20am. The journey lasted for about 25hours. It was an eventful trip.

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