MAKURDI, BENUE (13TH – 16TH FEB., 2014)

David Olatona Global Outreach team left Lagos on Wednesday, 12th of February 2014 at about 8:05 am and got to Makurdi, Benue State at exactly 9:00 pm. We bless God for a successful trip.

DAY ONE February 13th : Morning session

On Thursday 13th Feb., at about 12 noon, the Leadership Summit commenced with introduction by the host, Pst. James Apendah of Christ Glorious Church KM 14 Gboko Road, Mu Village, Makurdi. He introduced Rev. David Olatona and his team to the congregation and also introduced Pastors from other churches that were present. They included:

Teasakua.T.Asua, Gospel Truth Christian Assembly
Rev. Akighirga .T. James, City of Refuge Assembly
Evang. Eunice Akighirga, City of Refuge Assembly
Pastor Samuel Anityo, City of Refuge Assembly
Mrs. Nguter Anityo, City of Refuge Assembly
Pst. Franklin Bernard, City of Refuge Assembly
Pst. Patrick Uadiale, Christian Missionary Fellowship International
Pst. Florence Udiale, Christian Missionary Fellowship International
Pst. Nyam Pius, Faith Gospel Healing Church (Uchi)Pst. Toryima Yaaya, Faith Gospel Healing Church (Uchi)
Pst. Samuel Anityo, Garu Wartem
Pst. Daniel Time, Last Days Revival Ministries
Pst. Keneshe Terzungwe, Faith Gospel Healing Ministries
Ashulimhen Daniel Ehis, Christian Missionary Fellowship

Fourteen (14) Pastors from eight (8) other ministries attended the School of Leadership.

Rev. David Olatona spoke on the topic, “The Power of Commitment”. The Bible reference was taken from Luke 9:57-62. He admonished that as Christians, we are to live every area of our lives committed to working with Christ, though our culture today is one that does not see commitment as something of importance.   But our Lord Jesus is on a great search for people who will make unswerving commitment to serving Him.

Problem of wanting just to be involved:

The problem of mere involvement: The desire to serve must also be coupled with the right reason to serve; Jesus is asking us for total and full commitment because there is a difference between involvement and commitment. He made an example of a breakfast prepared with pork and eggs. All it takes is for the chicken to lay the eggs but the pig has to die; that means the chicken was merely involved while the pig was committed. When you are involved in something, it means you do what you want, as you want it and when you feel like doing it.  However commitment means that you are at the call of Jesus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in essence, when you are involve with Jesus, “you do what He likes, when He likes and how He likes it”.

The decision to merely be involved creates a system of cheating; the first person you cheat is God for not giving Him your best; you also cheat others of what you would have offered them; lastly, you cheat yourself of the blessings of God that comes only when you become committed.

His closing remark was, “So, make up your mind that you will not settle with just being involved but being committed.


The free skill acquisition program was introduced to the participants by Blessing Etuk (Assistant Mission Director). It started at 1:00 pm. Ten different products were to be taught and they started with Air-freshener, that class was taken by Sister Alice Sibigam, followed by Body and Hair cream taken by Blessing Etuk. Then the last class was the production of Stain Removal and Toilet Wash taken by Alice Sibigam. Five (5) of the participants were given opportunities to undertake post-teaching practical with the direction of the instructors. Rev David Olatona also took time to expand on the teachings to the students with the help of Pst. Apendah interpreting in Tiv language. Students were made to understand that they don’t need too much capital to start producing these items; the estimated amounts needed for production of each chemical product were disclosed to them. The products made were handed over to the host Pastor to distribute among the participants. Those in attendance were fifty (50) people in numbers.

Due to logistics, the third session could not hold.

 DAY TWO: February 14th, 2014

The School of Leadership started at about 10:30 am with forty (40) Pastors and Leaders in attendance. Rev. David Olatona continued on the topic “The Power of Commitment”. He did a recap on the teaching, stressing the fact that for someone to be involved means you can do what you want as you want and when you feel like doing it, but commitment means you can only do what He wants, when He wants and how He wants it.

Jesus wants us to serve Him each and every day we draw our breath. For you to be committed and be strong, desire to study and know the word of God. It takes desire to put your priorities in tune with God’s priorities. That means God must be first and foremost in your life. Reading from Luke 9:59-60, he pointed out the second man that was called to follow Jesus but rather asked for permission to go & bury his father. Points to note:-

  • He did not say, let me go to my father’s funeral instead he was asking to stay and care for his family before following Jesus. There is absolutely nothing wrong in caring for your family but Jesus is driving at the issue of priority. He wants us to make Him first in all we do.

  • The problem of the second man is the issue of Misplaced Priorities. Jesus wanted the man to understand the urgent nature of His mission. The mission of the church is to reach the lost and the dying world with the message of saving grace through Jesus. However, a lot of Christians get so busy with church work that they don’t do the real work of sharing the gospel with others. He admonished, that to truly follow Jesus, you must get your hands dirty in the work of outreach because a lot of souls are dying every day and going to hell.

He emphasized on the fact that the greatest problem of the church today is that we have misplaced our focus on programs & policy instead of placing it on the ministry & people. He therefore enjoined all present not to fail Christ in the work He has entrusted into our hands by impacting other people’s lives.

The third man made a reasonable request to go back and visit his family. Jesus told the man he is not fit to follow Him because he had a problem of Misdirected Focus indicating his commitment was to his family, work & business which is a distraction to him. He said anything that takes first place in your life rather than God is a misdirection.

He stated that many Christians often focus on what they’ll lose by following Christ e.g. friends, family, the pleasure of sin etc. forgetting what they will gain which include God’s presence, His peace, and most importantly His power.


The Vocational Empowerment Program started at 1:00 pm with the production of Germicide (Izal), Body Spray and Insecticide. The production of Izal & insecticide was taken by Blessing Etuk, assisted by Rev David; while the body perfume class was handled by Alice Sibigam. As in the first day, students were given opportunities to practice the mixture of the chemicals with the supervision of the instructors. This session had seventy (70) participants in attendance.


The third meeting for the day began by 4:00 pm which is Success in Life Summit. Rev David who ministered took his Bible reference from Gen. 24:66-67, 24:3-4 & Psalm 71:21

He started by saying that 2014 has a lot of good packages for us as Christians and God has given him four (4) prophetic words for His people:-

1.      This year, God will do miracles in their lives that will make them forget their past pain

2.      This year, they will hit it big

3.      This year, they will make progress

4.      This year, every challenge that comes their way, they will have a walk-over.

In Genesis 24, the Bible tells us the story of Abraham, his son Isaac & his eldest servant together with Rebecca. Just as God comforted Isaac with the arrival of Rebecca and made him to forget the pain of losing his mother so shall He make you forget your past pain with outstanding miracles.

In the course of his ministration, he highlighted some key points on things that will take you to where God wants you to be:

Desire. You must have a dream. A dream is a desire, a drive, an expectation. He said if you don’t have a dream nobody will help you; stating an example with blind Barthemaus’ desire to receive his sight when he was asked what he wanted. He finally got the attention of Jesus and his desire was met.

Do not limit God by asking small. Ask for something big, things that seem impossible with man but only God can do it. Abraham asks his servant for a seemly impossible task but the servant trusted God to make way for him, and God did.

After the ministration, a brief prayer session was held led by Pastor Nyam Pius of Faith Gospel Healing Church; the people were so excited about the prophetic declarations and they all made commitment to desiring bigger and better things from God.

Those in attendance were fifty seven (57) in number after which the meeting came to a close.




The last session of the School of Leadership held on 15th February, 2014 started by 10:45 am as Rev. David Olatona ministered on the topic, “IMPROVIING YOUR CARE SYSTEM”.

People don’t want to know how much you know but how much you care. Here are some keys to making your church a caring, committed and Christ-centered church:

Romans 12:9 – “We must be sincere”: Our love for people, things, community…must be real. If you have genuine love, you can conquer every evil. The key to true success in life is (a) Love God (b) Love People

If your love for one another is genuine, it will be visible. Sometimes it’s our hardness and ugliness that drives people away from church. John 13:35. “One of the greatest expressions of love is simply to notice people and to pay attention to them”. The reason why we don’t notice people is because we are too mindful of ourselves. If things are going to work, then we must be sincere in our love for one another.

Romans 12:10 – “We must be considerate”. You must put others first. Luke 6:31. Don’t give others what you can’t take. According to UNN Report, 89% of people today are rude and they lack respect. Phil 2:3. The one who runs and makes way for those running behind him is the one who runs best. True Christian maturity show when your concern for others out-weighs your concern for yourself. Gal 6:10

Romans 12:11 – “We must be Passionate, Energetic & Diligent”. We must never lack in zeal and earnest endeavour. Love is perfected in the fire of God. John 10:10. “The simplest man fired with enthusiasm is more persuasive than the most eloquent man without it”. In other words, if you are not passionate about your God, nobody will. People must see the way you live your life and want to emulate you.

Romans 12:12 – “We must be Prayerfully Patient”. Your knees must become camel knees. Christ soldiers fights best on their knees. 1 Tim 2:1-3. There can be no revival without prayer. 1 Thess. 5:17, Luke 18:1. “The more you pray, the less you sin”.  So if you don’t pray, you are allowing sin.

Romans 12:13 – “We must be warm to people”. Show true hospitality. “People go to the church that is dearest to them and not to the church that is nearest to them”. Prov. 18:24, Heb 13:2.

Romans 12:14 – “We must be different” There must be difference between you and an unbeliever. 1 Peter 2:9

Romans 12:15 – “We must be understanding”. As Christians and leaders, we must walk in understanding. Gal 6:2. Have a feeling of what people are going through. Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Many in the world fail for lack of encouragement than for any other reason.

Romans 12:16 – “We must be one”. Be a team player; stop causing divisions. Do not be haughty. Don’t look down on people. Readily adjust yourself to people and to things. Never underestimate yourself and be wise in our own eyes. Psalms 133:1.

In conclusion, you must decide to be sincere, considerate, energetic, prayerfully patient, warm, different, understanding and be one. The session ended with sixty (60) Pastors and leaders in attendance and certificates were awarded to them.

The last session of the Vocational Empowerment Programme commenced by 1:00 pm. Participants were taught on the Production of Disinfectant and Liquid Soap. Questions were asked and answered by the instructors. At the end of the teaching, fifty two (52) participants were awarded certificates.

The Success in Life Summit was impactful as Rev Olatona ministered on “THINGS YOU MUST DO TO HIT IT BIG THIS YEAR”. Bible reference was taken from Genesis 24:5-9, 64-65.

1.      Have a Big Dream: Your dream must be big such that if God does not intervene, then it’s not God

2.      When you don’t bow, you would not born: This year it should either be God’s way or no Way.

3.      Ask God to order your steps (Gen 24:11): Pray for wisdom and direction. When you commit your ways to the Lord, He will direct your path. Eccl 10:10. “God’s direction does not bring death but life, so make up your mind to allow Him direct you”.

4.      The key of Prayer (Gen 24:12-14): Prayer is intelligent discussion with God. It is not a one way communication. 1 John 5:14. One of master keys to our miracle is prayer.

5.      Know when to put your faith to work (Gen 24:17-21): This year don’t be afraid to take steps. There’s no one who ever succeeded without taking steps. “Don’t be afraid of rejection this year because if you don’t attempt, you won’t get result”

6.      Your giving attracts your miracle: You must make up your mind to be a giver. If you don’t give, you cannot receive. “To get to the top and remain there, keep giving”. Your giving can break protocols.

7.      Praise Him at all times: Genesis 24:29-32

He concluded by encouraging them to be focused on their destination.

After His closing remark, Pastor Nyam was called upon to lead the prayer session; he prayed with the people present and enjoined all to connect to the word of God with a generous offering such as they have never given before.

As soon as the meeting was over, group photographs were taken with Rev. David and other Pastors.

Indeed, it was a successful mission trip as the Pastors in attendance were transformed, revitalized, energized, fired for Christ and willing to take the message back to their members. The mission team came back to Lagos safely on 17th February, 2014.

We give all glory and praise to God Almighty.

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