November Prayers

Let us pray…

Before this year runs out, this same year in which God has promised that you will pursue, overtake and without fail recover all (I Sam. 30:1,16,18-21)…

*Everything the enemy has taken away from you, right in your presence while you could do nothing, take and recover them all in Jesus’ name!

* Everything the devil is attacking in your life – your marriage, career, health – God will put a stop to the attack in Jesus’ name!

* Whatever you have lost, something bigger and better will replace them in Jesus’ name!

* Whatever made you weep in previous years will cease to cause you pain from today in Jesus’ name!

* In the mighty name of Jesus, you will never lose because your case is in the hands of the One that has never lost a battle!

* What He has started in your life, He will complete!

* His mighty hand will rest over upon your life, your curse(s) is hereby cancelled in Jesus’ name!

* You will be marvelously helped in Jesus’ name!

* As you reach out with faith in your heart, help will reach out to you in Jesus’ name!

* Everything dead in your life will be resurrected in Jesus’ name!

* Every evil/false prophecy against you, He will overrule in Jesus’ name!

* You will fulfill destiny, no limitations shall stop you in Jesus’ name!

* You will end well!

God bless you!

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