November Prayers II

Let us pray:

* Every Herod in your life that has stretched forth his hand to harass or kill you, God will cut off his hand in Jesus’ name.

* God will disappoint everyone who is looking out for your failure in Jesus’ name. He will cut off the enemies’ expectations for your life in Jesus’ name.

* Henceforth, the devil will not go further in your life any longer in Jesus’ name.

* The devil that will see you to imprison you will not see you in Jesus’ name.

* Any aspect of your life that has been kept in a cage, I declare release now in Jesus’ name.

* Anyone the devil has strategically placed in your life to watch you, may they lose their sight now in Jesus’ name.

* Whatever aspect of your life that had been imprisoned within the devil’s claws, I declare today that you come out unscathed and without bruises in Jesus’ name.

* The God that sent an angel to deliver Peter out of the hand of Herod will send His angel to deliver you today in Jesus name (Acts 12:11).

* Every enemy that has glorified himself as ruler of your life, the Lord will smite today in Jesus name (Acts 12:23).

The Lord keep you and bless you, make His countenance to shine upon you; and the Lord give you peace. Shalom!


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