How It Began

The Health Week , which generally is a free medical check-up week for all, is a Dominion Faith International Church Public Health Initiative. As part of the efforts to cushion the effects of financial burden facing the community’s  populace, the General Overseer of the Church deemed it fit to contribute his own quota to Community Social Responsibility (CSR) by providing medical check-up and treatment for five (5) days on his birthday week! This is his way of celebrating his birthday.

In recent years, Dominion Faith International Church has initiated public health programs that provides health counseling and  detailed consultation with check-up specialist in orders to avert diseases in the community. The ministry has recognized the importance of health programs and medical check ups in reducing the incidence of diseases, mortality rate and the effects of untimely death.

The comprehensive health check aims at assessing the people’s health in the community. Potential health risks are identified and professional advice and counseling are provided for a happy and healthy life.

It is worthy to note that health addresses a spectrum of physical, mental and social factors that influence the well being of our people. Given such a broad scope, the challenges in health can be immense. Major challenges such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, retinal damages and other eyes defects, high blood pressure, heart burns and other gastric health threats are of urgent priorities that need to be addressed.


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