At the Southwest Believers’ Convention this year in Texas, Jesse Duplantis echoed something that had been constantly on my mind for a while now, especially these past few months that the economy has somewhat taken a downward turn, and it is that there is no scarcity of money, money is just in the hands of the wrong people and all we need do is to ask God to transfer it into our hands! Our jobs are not enough to provide the kind of money we need to fulfil the purpose of God on earth; but the good news is that kind of money is on this earth! Just like the money Jesus and His disciples needed to pay their debts in Matthew 17 was in the mouth of a fish, the money we need is in the wrong places, and as children of God we have the right to ask for money to come in our direction!

As His children, God did not create us for poverty; He did not intend for us to lack – which is why we must believe and begin to decree that the wealth meant for us begins an inversion, transfer, reversal and increase! The first man and woman God created, He blessed them (Gen. 1: 26-28); God blessed Adam and Eve before He gave them instructions, God gave them the power to succeed before telling them what to do with the power – they could not have done everything God asked them to do if He had not first given them the power of wealth!

After Adam and Eve failed God, God showed up to Abraham in Gen. 12 and instructed him to leave his father’s house because He was going to bless Abraham and make him a great nation – God gave the power He gave Adam in the beginnign to Abraham – the power of blessing and wealth in all things that caused him to have everything (Gen. 24: 1). Deut. 8: 18 reemphasizes that God is the One that gives the power to get wealth! This means that if we continuously maintain a good relationship with Him, His plan and purpose for us is that we be blessed – we are not for lack or insufficiency! His blessing makes rich; His power makes rich – sorrow-free wealth! The million dollar question then is “why are there more poor people in the house of God?!” This ought not to be so! When Adam, Abraham and Isaac were in good relationship with God and followed His instructions, they were rich – this proves that if we are in good standing with God, we have the full right to be rich! Gal. 3: 13, 14 tell us Christ has redeemed us and we have the right and access to the promise of Abraham – the promise of wealth, blessing and riches!

Financial Inversion will increase in this time and season; the transfer of wealth will be more. God is going to move in the realm of financial increase and prosperity for His people that will enable them work on His behalf! God is going to drain the reservoirs of the wicked and channel the riches into the gospel, and only those in good standing with God will have access!

Prov. 13: 22 – “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

This is the plan of God for His church, to do what He has done before now and again – stack up riches for the righteous in the hands of the sinner and transfer them, just as he did for Mordecai with the wealth Haman had accumulated! God is going to move the wealth of the sinners into your hands; people will start giving to you! The king in Esther 8: 2 took the signet ring he had taken from Haman and presented to Mordecai; the same king who had promoted and blessed Haman and had stored up wealth in his hands did a transfer of that wealth when Haman started to misbehave. That signet ring indicated power, but that power was transferred and Mordecai’s story! I feel it in my spirit that because you reading this, God is about to change your story because you have a relationship with Him! Just as Mordecai came to have access to all that belonged to Haman, I prophesy into your life that all the resources and wealth you need to fulfil the purpose of God for your life, in the hands of whoever the riches is, I command a transfer into your hands in the name of Jesus! A gateman took over the wealth of a prime minister! It does not matter how far down you are on the ladder, if you will believe, if you are righteous, if you stand with God, you will see the glory of God! THE WEALTH IS STORED UP FOR THE RIGHTEOUS!

WHO IS THE RIGHTEOUS? The righteous is that person who believes in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour (II Cor. 5: 21). The righteous is one who believes in the sacrifice of Jesus and His finished work. Such person is qualified to receive the wealth of sinners laid up for him! Becoming righteous causes you to live in righteousness – there is a difference between the two; a dog cannot behave like a lion unless it is a lion! Living in righteousness is only achievable when we become righteous; and becoming righteous happens when we accept and invite Jesus into our lives! And the righteous, in whatever time and season he finds himself, is qualified for the handing-over of the wealth into his hands!

In Gen. 41: 41-43, another signet ring exchange occurred. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of the land of Egypt as second-in-command; the same Joseph that came into Egypt as a slave – his brothers sold him as a slave to the people who in turn sold him as a slave, then he lived as a slave in the house of Potiphar eventually ending up in prison – but all this while, God was writing his story. All the while that Joseph was suffering; God was piling up wealth and riches on his behalf for the perfect and appointed time for the transfer of the riches! Something good was coming for Joseph and he didn’t even know it! Something good is coming for you!

In Daniel 2: 48, Daniel was made ruler with many gifts lavished upon him. He was made a ruler and person in charge of the wise men, just like Joseph.

All three men – Mordecai, Joseph and Daniel – were not citizens of the land in which they were made wealthy! Mordecai came in as a captive, Joseph was a slave, Daniel was a slave – but God did it for them! And if he did it before, He can do it again for His people! It is possible for you to get offers that will make you work less and earn more.


Eccl. 2: 26 – “For God gives to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he gives travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God…” God gives the wealth to those who pleases Him. How do we please God? Hebrews 11: 6 answers that question – without faith it is impossible to please God! It takes faith to believe in Jesus to become righteous, it takes faith to live righteous – having faith to become righteous and live righteously pleases God. All you need to become the righteous that inherits the wealth of the sinner is faith! Faith causes you to live righteously in the way that pleases God! Faith! That is the qualifier! Walking by faith qualifies you!


I John 5: 3 – “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.” To walk by faith is to live righteous, and to live righteous is to keep His commandments! God’s commandments are not heavy, shockingly brutal or cruel! For instance, God commanded Adam not to eat one fruit out of all the fruits and choices he had – that was not difficult; God asked Abraham to come out of his father’s house to a land He would show him; and as long as Abraham followed God, he was blessed! Isaac obeyed God’s command to stay and because he obeyed, it was counted to him as righteousness – that was why the wealth of the sinners became his and he reaped hundred fold in the land! Jesus asked the disciples to pour water in the containers, and because they obeyed wine was made available. Jesus asked Peter to cast his net somewhere, and because Peter obeyed he caught so much fish that his net began to break and his sink began to sink! Overflowing blessings and increase follows obedience to the commandments of God!

Walking in faith, living righteously and in the way that pleases God, and obedience qualifies you for the wealth transfer that God plans for you!

Say these prayers with me:

  • Father, I receive the transfer of wealth to me! I claim Your words in Prov. 13: 22 and Eccl. 2: 26 that wealth is stored up for the righteous. By faith, I am the righteous; by faith, I live the life that pleases you! Let the wealth of the sinner be released to me!
  • As you gave the wealth of Haman to Mordecai, the wealth of Egypt to Joseph and the wealth of Babylon to Daniel; as You did in the past, and as you’re the God who repeats Himself, do in my life what You did in the lives of Daniel, Joseph and Mordecai in Jesus’ name!
  • As a part of the body of Christ, Lord we command our possessions from the North, South, East and West! Wealth comes to us in the name of Jesus!
  • Make men, organizations and institutions begin to look for me to give to me in the name of Jesus! AMEN!

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