Reverend David Olatona is an anointed man of God, an awesome spiritual educator and a dedicated champion for Christ.  He presents the word of God in a practical and thought-provoking way, encouraging growth from people from all walks of life.  He is the founder and Senior Pastor at Dominion Faith International Church, Lagos Nigeria.

Rev. Olatona attended LIFE Theological Seminary, Lagos in 1989; an alumnus of the Word of Faith Bible Institute, Lagos in 1992.

In the quest of becoming outstanding in his work of ministry; and also to sharpen his knowledge and skills, he furthered his academics by attending Morris Cerrulo School of Ministry, San Diego, California, U.S.A; Jack Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture, Los Angeles, California; and continues to broaden his knowledge of the gospel to help reach this generation.

He is a father and mentor to many sons and daughters (pastors) across the globe. As a dynamic preacher, a cutting edge, a veritable and sought-after speaker at Seminars, Crusades, Conventions, Minister’s Training and Conferences, he delivers leadership nuggets and keys for impactful living. He is passionate about building a healthy body of prevailing believers, teaching how to prevail in Christ and become lay ministers set out to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandant. He is a visionary leader and fisher of men that takes pride in serving God and his community.

In the last twenty-one years of Reverend David’s pastoral ministry, he has mentored and confirmed pastors and ministers and served as a conference and seminar leader on a variety of topics that impact the lives of so many, including Christian Leadership. He is also involved in taking the gospel of Christ to various African nations, using skill acquisition and vocational training as a tool for evangelism. So far he has been to several of these nations including Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Chad and Kenya, amongst others – helping to deal with the problem of poverty in African countries by showing and teaching the people skills that can make them not only economically self-reliant, but also become employers of labour.

Reverend David is happily married to his wife, Reverend Dele Olatona, who has been a formidable teammate, standing side-by-side with him since the past twenty-one years. She is the Executive Pastor of the church in Nigeria (Dominion Faith International Church). Together, they have a son – Tobi Olatona.

In obedience to the call of God, Pastors David and Dele moved their family to Mount Vernon, New York in 2013 to plant churches in North America.


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